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  1. Massage table is a job for the duplicant and it will do it according to the priority set to the table compared to priorities of other available jobs. Personally I use priority 8 for massage tables and only very few other things have such high priority (I don't use priority 9 except in emergencies such as entombed dupes).
  2. It should be working that way. Are you sure you don't have an additional element to it, such as binge eater acting and stealing the food from them?
  3. Okay it certainly is possible. It's a bit vague - what is microtask - under a second, half a second, tenth of a second? It will change with increasing skill values. How far off the way can it be? How many can a dupe pick on the way to something bigger? Won't players be upset about dupes doing such microtasks instead of coming to do right away what they planned at high priority? How big will extended pathfinding have on game's performance? And finally, will it be worth the effort spent on programming the function?
  4. It's not working exactly that way. Dupes don't have a task queue. There's one global task queue and dupes pick their tasks from that when they're done with previous tasks. They pick their taks by priority (from highest to lowest) and by proximity if the priority is the same. This means a duplicant may pass by a task to be done if he's after another, higher priority task, or if another duplicant already picked this task and is on his way to do it. In the next release, there will be a slight improvement that when a duplicant picks a task, he may "steal" a task to be done from another duplicant if it's the highest priority closest task for him and he's closer to it than that other duplicant.
  5. I think it's better to create one thread per idea than to create a megathread with a mix of ideas and discussions. Reading through pile of text attempting to find ideas hidden in it is boring and inefficient, a well named thread with a brief and clear description of the idea has much better chances of getting attention of a dev scanning the forums.
  6. I think it's too early to start tightening up the game's difficulty as many things that will be behind difficulty in the final game are not implemented yet. For instance I believe that in final game, research will not be matter of first few cycles, and a player will have to live with "temporary" solutions for a number of cycles before research of better technology is finished. How many intermediate stages there will be and how long each of them will be depends a lot on how many things are there to research.
  7. Thermal comfort

    Two arrows. Gaining/losing heat perhaps?
  8. Thermal comfort

    It tells you where your duplicants will be fine, where they'll feel hot, and where they'll feel cold. Because it's not based just on temperature but on rate they're gaining/losing heat.
  9. Yes, it can be and is abused. On the other hand, you often put these switches to conditions where dupes are unwelcome or which are even dangerous for them. So it's better left as it is as that allows these designs. Current leading proposal to deal with it (in my opinion) is decoupling the switch logic and the measurement. Have the sensor in the hard to reach place, and have it remotely connected to a switch where you can have dupes adjust the values. That could work. Until that is the option, the little abuse open to players is better alternative to me than mandatory duplicant adjustments.
  10. I would recommend you to read through this topic, I think the research spawned the best and so far unbeaten designs: In general, you don't need to keep your electrolyzer working full time. It doesn't waste power or water when it waits for the pressure to go down. Most power is usually wasted on gas pumps, trying to keep as low pressure as possible around the electrolyzer, they run full time, scooping less than 500 g packets. That's wasted power. Also, you don't need to feed a hydrogen generator to keep it running full time. You just need to keep the colony's consumption below the power you are able to generate. The game has batteries, and these can be used to get through the time when the generator doesn't run. And with electrolyzers, you're ultimately limited by number of duplicants in your colony, which is in turn limited by amount of food you can prepare for them. A 100-duplicant colony is usually already too big to handle, and even for that you only need about 12-15 electrolyzers, tops. That's slightly more than one hydrogen generator.
  11. Well yeah, no problem. I too use insulated tiles in the early game as temporary measure. But when you get to play longer and realize that the heat is seeping to your base through that wall even though it's made out of insulated tiles, you'll just replace them with abyssalite and never look back.
  12. 5% of nothing is still nothing.
  13. Gas plumbing is better with its own button, liquid plumbing is worse as it has now also bottler and emptier on top of the pipes.
  14. I don't really think duplicant suicide would be beneficial for the game. Replacing a dead duplicant is matter of few cycles with the printer on, and if we talk about rough punishments for keeping your duplicants stressed then there's the binge eater and a whole lot of people claiming it's too rough and game breaking already.
  15. That works because if he stops 8 tiles underwater, he can go another 8 tiles. But it's not very comfortable thing to manage and he may get stuck there.
  16. I also hope these things will be completely sustainable eventually but honestly, my ten duplicant colony at cycle 1500 is nowhere near running out of phosphorite while it produces more peppers than what's needed to feed the whole colony with stuffed berries. So I don't consider it a practical limit for now.
  17. Duplicants can only go so far under water. Put the pump somewhere closer and rebuild it when the level drops.
  18. Ah, okay. Yes, if the farming will stay the way it is in the closed testing right now, peppers will not be infinitely sustainable. There will be mushrooms that require slime as fertilizer and polluted water is the only sustainable source of it, utilizing polluted oxygen release and pufts. Plus fertilizer makers are still part of the game so it's not like there's no way to get rid of polluted water. But it's also very uncertain that things will stay the way they are right now. In fact, everything is still changing rapidly and it's hard to tell where it will be when the update comes out.
  19. Peppers don't require phosphorite. Not in current public release at least. They will drop that ugly "fertilizer not available" icon but they will happily continue growing and producing harvests.
  20. Planter: can't fertilize, can't irigate. Usually means you get lowest yields. You cannot plant pincha pepper in it. Good when you have lots of seeds of something and want some crops without much care. Farm tile: can fertilize, cannot irrigate. Since irrigating isn't mandatory even using hydroponics tile, this is just cheaper variant of it. Hydroponics tile: can fertilize, can irrigate. So you can decide if you want to go for excellent yields or are fine with less seeds and/or harvest and save on irrigation. When using hydroponics or farm tile, it's up to you to decide if you'll irrigate and how close attention will you pay to the temperature of the air around the plant. Getting excellent yields is challenging, resource intensive (particularly on water) and not always worth the effort. Future planting is different, if the plant requires fertilizing or irrigation it won't grow without them. On the other hand, you don't need to replant your plants, a growing plant will produce periodic harvests as long as you keep it happy. There's no yield rating so all harvests are the same except for seed production which is random. Plants require certain gas around them but most accept multiple gases (e.g. both oxygen and carbon dioxide are fine). They weigh 1 kg and the temperature they need regulated is the temperature of the plant, not of the surrounding gas. Also note that anything of it may still change before the release. Remember seed splicer from one of earlier streams? That machine is gone from the closed testing builds now.
  21. This is what came on my mind: Or
  22. Default priority 1 is a bad idea. Priorities below 5 are useful for prioritizing your storage compactors - dupes won't go store things in them right away but when you mark something for sweeping, they select the compactor by its priority. And priority 1 is useful for things to get dupes gathered at high decor safe areas when they have nothing else to do, such as a 1% massage table or a pointless hamster wheel. I almost don't use priorities to plan what my dupes should do - most of the time I lay it down all at priority 5. But I have already built things organized by priorities. Whenever there is something they should do before doing what I planned for them, it has priority above 5 set up. Massage tables, deodorizers, compost, or even storage compactors for bleach stone and slime which I don't want my dupes to leave on the ground.
  23. The argument isn't that it's impossible to implement. The argument is that it would be a lot of work for very little effect. Devs certainly considered sloped tiles early in development and the fact that we don't have them is because they decided that they are not worth the effort. Dupes would have to have animations for traversing them, standing on them, sleeping on them. Liquids would have to have graphics for staying on the tile while sticking or not sticking to other neighbor tiles. The physics engine would need to work with special tile that can only contain half of normal amount of standard ambient element. It would have to be defined what happens when the tile gets entombed in sand. There would have to be graphics for that. It would have to be defined what happens when that tile gets deconstructed while entombed. There would have to be animation for that sand motion. All of that and more for the benefit of duplicants being able to traverse one tile height difference slightly faster.
  24. Your screenshots don't quite meet what I would consider sticking to the rule. Good job anyway.
  25. Heat is only problem in early game. And if you really need it, space heaters can warm the place up rather efficiently. Cooling is much greater challenge as the only things where heat is destroyed are wheezeworts and machines that produce 40 C outputs regardless of temperature of their inputs.