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1 month from last update, something happens?

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Hi, like title say, it's like 30days from the last little update, I can't see a patch notes, a minor bug fix or anything lately, summer vacation? a no-no period? 

Someone know anything about it?

Don't wanna start a flame or a complain, if this topic it's not allowed or generate hate, close it or delete it, thanks for your works.

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yup, this was just a polite question, not a complain :) 

2 hours ago, Cha0Z said:

Klei keep working in ONI, check the Update preview streams, unfortunately, as they said last Thursday, there are still a few weeks left to release the next big update.


"Update preview streams" can you provide me the link? thanks :) 

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6 hours ago, ImDaMisterL said:

I can assure you guys the closed testers are doing their best to playtest as much and as fast as possible to get all those nasty bugs squashed and the juicy content nice and fresh for everyone :)

Makes me want to be a closed tester :) Pick me!!

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58 minutes ago, Masterpintsman said:

This time you only asked to do unpaid QA work, next time you might give away your firstborn...

Careful what you ask for, it might be granted.

I already did a lot of testing in-game while I was playing as a customer so basically it was "free" QA work. I still have my spreadsheets, scientific formulae, and calculations. Given my scientific background, me as a tester for relating structural designs in-game and simulated calculations is my strong point.

I do agree though, nothing is really free but I am cognizant of my gains :). Nobody should ever work for free.

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