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Slenderman... err... bird


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So I feel like I've conquered most of the dangers that currently exist in this game and am quite confident in my ability to survive just about any encounter, or at least respawn thanks to my trusty effigy. One challenge yet eludes me, and it's driving me crazy...

What the hell do I do about the tall bird? I want that egg, damnit. It's the red button I was told not to press. One way or another, I'm gonna press that thing. But I don't know how to get away with the caper. I tried playing the flute and fighting the thing, neither of which ended particularly well. I even tried dropping the egg and it still chased me all over creation. I haven't tried returning the egg to the nest, and I honestly don't consider that a solution to the problem, because I WANT the egg.

Any ideas?

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I know right? Kevin needs to watch more discovery channel.

Ha! The tallbird was hooked up by Tatham, so you'll have to ask him about that.Trivia: the tallbird was actually one of the first Don't Starve creatures ever designed, back in about January or so. I was just waiting for the right time for him to make his debut.We also have this weird man-sized walking owl, and a rather normal looking squirrel left over. Not sure if/when they will show up in game.
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