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Hey guys! Saw the game in a youtube video, went ahead and played the demo, and bought it within 5 minutes! :rolleyes:Game looks super cool, hope to see it grow, and to help out with the process! Lots of promise in this one!Anyways, I'm Zack! Nice to meet yah!

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I was on Twitter, and some random dude followed me. There was a link to his youtube channel, and he was playing the game. It looked so cool, so I looked it up. Almost bought it without even playing the demo, but ended up playing it, then bought it. I sent a copy to a friend, and we have been on skype all morning while we play. On my 1st try right now, currently on my 8th night about to enter 9th day. I have two seperate farms, each with 4 plots, and a fire pit at each. Have a herd between the two, so I go back and forth, collect manure, and fertilize everything.Also, whats with the Durian? I cooked it and it said extra smelly durian. Is it ok to eat?

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