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Beefalos should stay awake when being fed.

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Beefalo should stay awake when being fed. Currently beefalo can fall asleep during the night while in the process of being fed. This is annoying when fighting bosses as it forces the player to constantly jump on and off the beefalo to be able to feed it properly.

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Just now, brbrmensch said:

what do you mean? afaik, you can ride 2 nights in a row (and the daytime+dusk in the middle) without jumping off once, seems enough time for me

The riding time isn't the problem.

The problem is that in order to feed beefalo at night the player has to constantly jump on and off the beefalo to keep it awake and feed it. This is particularly annoying when fighting bosses at night.

For example while fighting Klaus I will occasionally freeze it with an ice staff to pause the fight and heal my beefalo with blue mushrooms. But because it's night I cannot feed the beefalo more than 2-3 mushrooms before it dozes off again. Forcing me to jump onto the beefalo and jump back off in order to wake it up and continue feeding it. It's weird that I have to literally jump on and off my beefalo to feed it. Unless all beefalo are narcoleptic I don't think this should be a thing.

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