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  1. If the devs add anything to this puzzle, I hope that there aren't anymore rewards. My Metheus page broke after I unlocked the skins... and I really don't want to do stage 2 again.
  2. Bruh nice title.

    1. Tosh


      How did that even happen??? :o

    2. GiddyGuy



      How did that even happen??? :o

      Same honestly.

  3. Oh wow! I never expected to get a title. Feeling preeety honoured.

    1. Donke60


      Congrats man must of been a good translator..
      your one of the earliest members to get a title too if I recall.

  4. I wouldn't expect to hear anything until after Thursday's stream.
  5. I'm really hoping that we get Ancient character skins to go with the cane and chest. Seeing as they've been given the 'Ancient Collection' tag on steam I think this isn't wholly unlikely. I'd love to Wickerbottom in an Ancient kaftan, a dangling depth dweller Webber, or Wes wearing thulecite face mask.
  6. I just tried that in an incognito browser. It brought me back to the very first stage with only one torch. I tried syncing the two accounts again, but that didn't seem to work... and I don't hate myself enough to try doing the second stage again.
  7. Did this appear after you unlocked the skins? The metheus page just reset for me...
  8. Has anyone tried using @rezecib's number chart yet?
  9. @Cheetos came up with this spreadsheet. If people could add their respective codes and interpretations it could help us see what symbols are actually relevant.
  10. I hope not. I had to make a steam alt account just to be able to do the puzzle.
  11. If that is the case then we're probably wrong about the relationship between the puzzle and chest. However, if the bunny symbol doesn't go higher than one, then we're probably right.
  12. I've already tried to translate some of them here: If you have anything new to add, maybe post it here? Just to stop the solutions from getting buried in a 200+ page thread.
  13. Okay, so if each slot in the chest corresponds to a symbol on the mastermind part of the puzzle, then if we translate the symbols into items we can then put them in the corresponding places. I think it's going to be different for everyone.
  14. Edit: I migrated this here I think we should be able to translate the ancient language now. We have the full picture, and the key from earlier puzzles: If you look on the left hand side of the mural you can see the section on how the ancients obtained thulecite. The 'S' symbol clearly stands for the worker class of the ancients, as it only appears where resources are being produced/gathered. We have the symbol for 'incantation' from the key above, which could also be interpreted as prayer. This is further supported by the presence of a centipede (antlion???) creature in this section, and the apparent tribute procession shown below it. I believe that these may have been the original 'gods' of the ancients, but have mostly died off now (Maxwell asks the antlion "Where is your pride?"; aka, where are the rest of your species). The final symbol is the spiral symbol from the thulecite compound-symbol. I think this is apparent enough to make the connection. What I deduce from this is that thulecite was gathered from the centipedes, through a religious prayer or ritual.