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  1. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is externalising a character’s downside. For example, Wicker’s insomniac downside becomes a lot more pronounced in Winter’s Feast—unless you have a mandrake or Bearger on hand, you can’t sleep and get that sweet present loot. The character hasn’t been nerfed and is honestly just as fun as she always was, yet she now has a much more interesting downside. I think on the other hand, character swapping is available too early and undermines many of these dynamics. It may be a bit harsh, but I’d personally like too see it locked behind something like defeating mr crab king.
  2. I can understand using the blank space trick if you’re using a non-Latin alphabet (these always get sorted last). I really dislike when mods do this otherwise cause it breaks the entire system in favour of getting your mod seen first. If Klei make any changes to the mod menu, I’d like to see them detect and trim any blank spaces from the start of these names. (Not sure if this is already a thing), but non-Latin names should get displayed first if the corresponding language settings are enabled—Chinese characters should show first if the game is set to Chinese etc. Other than that, I’d love to see a proper tagging system implemented. Either mod authors can set a tag manually in modinfo.lua or the mod menu could automatically trim any text wrapped in square brackets and turn it into a tag.
  3. Thanks for the release id! For any mod authors who want to test their mods while the mod menu crash is being sorted, place an empty space before the mod’s name in modinfo.lua—this is generally a bad practice in live mods, but it will ‘cheat’ your mod to the top of the page. In general, I’m absolutely in love with this update. Pearl’s Island is so amazingly atmospheric, and the small touches like her speech font changing colour really are fantastic. Other than that, I agree with Vy that the new assets could really do with some HQ love. They’re some really cool designs, so it’s a pity when they’re not that clear.
  4. function BoatAI:OnUpdate(dt) local my_position = Vector3(self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) -- Defining the location of itself local entities = TheSim:FindEntities(my_position.x, my_position.y, my_position.z, 200) -- Finding all entities within 200 tiles of itself for i, v in ipairs(entities) do local target_mast_component = v.components.mast -- Does one of the entities we found have the mast component? if v ~= self.inst and target_mast_component ~= nil and target_mast_component.is_sail_raised then -- Entity is not a self reference, mast component exists in entity and their sail is raised self.inst.components.hull.mast.components.mast:RaiseSail() -- Raise the sail (on self, not on the entity found) local target_boat_position = Vector3(v.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) -- Where is the entity with a mast? local target_move_position = target_boat_position + target_mast_component.wind_direction * 10 local my_new_wind_dir = (target_move_position - my_position):Normalize() self.inst.components.hull.mast.components.mast.wind_direction = my_new_wind_dir -- Setting a new course pointing towards the found entity (give or take) end end end I'm just gonna leave this here with some notes.
  5. There's nothing that uses the boatai component though... The only references to "boatai" are contained within the component itself.
  6. It's an imperfect solution, but you can lock archery so that it can only be used by Three Eyed Man. That would mean you can at least cut out any symbols that he doesn't use
  7. As a side note, if it’s possible to add a "blooming" tag to the blooming variants of mushtrees that would be greatly appreciated! I’m working on an update to a mod that adds unique drops to mushtrees which change based on their state. I’ve run into some inconsistencies when checking for summer and then autumn with watchworldstate, so a tag check would be the best and least invasive method to update the loot tables
  8. The onspawnfn at line 36 in mushtree.lua doesn't check for the stump tag, meaning that whenever the periodicspawner component at line 489 is called for a mushtree stump, it plays the normal spawner animation and then pushes the grown tree idle. This leaves stumps that look like normal mushtrees but can only be dug.
  9. I’ve seen plenty of stuff like this in the Fallout nexus. Generally paid content isn’t allowed, but you can use sites like gumroad where players can ‘buy’ mod item skins (from $0 up). Otherwise straight donation links or patreon seems like the way to go—though patron bonuses would have to be limited to update previews or early beta releases.
  10. I know people are dancing around this a lot, but can anyone show me where monetisation is mentioned by either Klei or Valve?
  11. Honestly the best unused animation in the entire game (and I'm including the chicken peck here).
  12. @Sunset Skye I would highly recommend checking out the Peagawk’s emerge animation...
  13. Are you using the version of Spriter that comes with the mod tools or the latest free version?
  14. You keep that updated? You are a saint! I’ve always wanted to explore Rezecib’s code to make a fork for one of my mods.