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  1. That’s assuming Wurt will only have the monster tag. According to the character preview, Wurt hates pigs which might make her not want to interact with them at all. Monster meat on the ground probably would work though.
  2. This is rather counterintuitive, but you're going to want to avoid the crockpot as Wurt. With most veggie crockpot dishes you'll end up making a loss somewhere. Instead, when you're farming you're gonna want to look out for: Durian (25 hunger + Wurt's secret bonus) Pumpkin (37.5 hunger) Potatoes (25 hunger & 20 health when cooked) Eggplant (25 hunger & 20 health when cooked) Corn (25 hunger uncooked) Asparagus (25 hunger when cooked) So long as you know the best way to eat each crop, you'll get a 'good hunger crop' 50.1% of the time. If you're looking for healing, you want to focus on these crops: Potatoes (20 health when cooked) Eggplant (20 health when cooked) Dragonfruit (20 health when cooked) Pomegranate (20 health when cooked) Toma root (20 health when cooked) Same as with hunger restoring foods, you'll get a 'good healing crop' 42.1% of the time and a 'poor value crop' 23.6% of the time—onions, garlic, peppers and carrots. You can take or leave carrot seeds but you're usually gonna want to trade in the others for that 33% guano chance. The rest of the time, you'll pretty much have to depend on honey, mushrooms, berries, cactus, bananas and stone fruit. Edit: the biggest weakness I can see for farming as Wurt is not having ready access to Werepigs for manure farms. You're going to need to depend on other players or make sure you know when the full moons are.
  3. I’m really interested to see new characters that force the players to play the game in different ways. Wurt sounds like she’s balanced as a tower-defence style character so I’m looking forward to seeing how that pans out. Aside from not being able to eat meat, meat will actually be COMPLETELY useless for her. She hates pigs, so I’m assuming she won’t be able to trade with the pig king for gold, or turn pigs into werepigs. She can turn it into eggs to use as a filler, make gunpowder or waffles... but that’s it. One of the most important resources is barely desirable for Wurt, meaning you’re gonna prioritise going after other resources and play in a different way. Most vegetarian crockpot dishes actually net a loss, so I’m expecting raw and cooked veggies being chosen more often than not. After you get your farms set up and start stockpiling pumpkins and braised eggplants, you’re basically set. Before that, I would expect Wurt to work best as a forager, living off mushrooms, carrots and berries without needing to come back. For Winter there is always cactus, honey and stockpiled birchnuts (so far Abigail has been the best at farming birchnutters, but merms might be a cheap alternative). Regardless, due to the high cost to set up and maintain, I’m expecting the merm kind to be incredibly powerful.
  4. Wurt

    The link:
  5. Wurt

    I think that’s the point. The DLC characters give the devs a chance to make characters that are a bit more on the wacky side without upsetting the players who want more human characters. It’s fully optional content that enriches the gameplay without being necessary.
  6. Wurt

    Wurt seems to confirm something about the DLC characters as a whole. So far, they have all been non-human creatures originating from the constant or one of the adjacent realms. This is just a theory, but I’d imagine this is a decision on Klei’s part to avoid splitting the story/lore with paid content. In that case, I think we most likely won’t get new human characters unless they’re free for everyone.
  7. Artist for Comission

    Having worked with Fuffles on a number of WIP mods, I would wholeheartedly recommend him for commissions. Take a look at these Gorge-style seeds from a recent commission: Always a pleasure to work with :3
  8. Wait... so the salt pillars are biblical references. I kinda love that haha. (They look like people because they were people. Look up “Lot’s Wife”)
  9. The wither temp range and the wither delay are slightly randomised so I don’t think it’s an issue with the flingo having to target them all at once. From what I know, it seems withering can happen off-screen/on load, whereas wildfires only happen with a player present.
  10. I thought the GORGE NEWS POSTER was just a discord thing Also, I thought it was the GORGE NEWS PORTER ...
  11. WX is my play testing main and I have no idea why.
  12. It's the crystal ball from the Hallowed Nights event :0
  13. Something I’ve wanted to see for a long time is the ability to decorate your end tables with trinkets. Don’t just leave them around on the floor for moles to gobble up—put your potato cups and wire hangers front and centre. The coding required is pretty straightforward (as you can see from my in-game proof of concept). I was thinking about making this a mod, but thought it might be worthwhile suggesting before I do too much work. What do you guys think?
  14. As a reference, the pivots work best for the end table when they're at the base of the item. Trinkets that lay flat would need the pivot to be set more central to the symbol itself (see the pivot for the air freshener below and how it floats above the end table in the proof of concept above).
  15. As part of a mod I'm working on, I edit the end table in order to allow the player to decorate them with trinkets. Some of the newer trinkets work perfectly, but most of the others have their pivots set too low or not at all (see the gnome and rocket in the below image). Considering the trinket symbol pivots are only ever relevant when overriding other symbols, this may not be relevant enough to fix. I can set and repackage the trinkets with the correct pivots myself if need be. The code required to decorate the end table with trinkets would be quite simple. If you wanted to add this functionality yourselves then go right ahead!