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  1. Welp that’s embarrassing... Serves me right for not double checking.
  2. There are avocados in the game... there is guacamole in the game. The two are completely unrelated.
  3. My only problem with the stone fruit is their absence in the guacamole recipe. Completely unplayable!
  4. I don’t see transporting moon items to the main island as being an issue. You can just fill up a boat with chests or backpacks full of them. I really like how the Moon Glass Axe balances against the Luxury Axe (and the Obsidian Axe). If only something could be done about the Pick/Axe to make it viable too...
  5. The thing that gets lost with a change in art style is tone. Mechanically the game would be the same, but the atmosphere and experience would be different. The fact that some people were strongly affected by them is a testament to how well these two mobs set the tone. I do think there should be a toggle as it’s the fairest option for both sides—Just because I personally prefer the darker tone, doesn’t make it less upsetting for others
  6. Speaking of RoT and mod compatibility, I’ve noticed that colourcube overrides don’t seem to be working anymore. Have any alternative methods been added in? Loving the new content anyway! Edit: This must've been an issue on my end, or has since been fixed.
  7. I completely understand and empathise with people who would find these creatures disturbing. I think a client side toggle could be a really good compromise, especially one that you’re prompted to make. I don’t think the art style of these new creatures should be changed for everyone though. I know a lot of the players are really pleased about the darker tone, so changing it outright would be unfair on them.
  8. Hamlet Launch Trailer | 1:48

    I’m not convinced, but I don’t have the time to try pull it apart. Welp, guess we’ll have to wait until the end of the DST character reworks for the next puzzle.
  9. Putting this in a separate thread to keep the main one for people airing their grievances: Is it just me, or is there a distorted sound byte in the launch trailer at about 1:48-1:50?
  10. [Game Update] - 333702

    I have a genuine question: did you pay for Hamlet, or get it for free? Maybe the reason that it costs more is because thousands of the core fans of the series were given the game for free... If you want the teleportato or other features, then request them. Klei has shown in the past that they’re more than willing to take on suggestions.
  11. [Game Update] - 333702

    Try not to be too harsh on the devs for not being able to put in everything that they wanted. The only thing they’ve done wrong was maybe being a bit too transparent with their plans. In development, priorities change, unforeseen issues crop up and ideas that might’ve sounded awesome get scrapped when they turn out to be pretty dull in actuality. DS came out 6 years ago and is still receiving updates... Not to mention that so much extra content has been given out for free. Yeah there’s always room for more, but I’m confident that the devs will revisit any missing content if and when they have time.
  12. Healing Salves and Honey Poultices are actually pretty useful for Wendy. They’re easy for her to farm and can be used on Abigail. I think the Nightlight would be a lot more useful if it could smoulder and light itself, like in DS. Give it smouldering priority (like lureplants) and it becomes a later game flingo replacement which costs sanity rather fuel and makes mega-bases more feasible. Plus give it back the ability to be lit with the fire staff for more fun dynamism.
  13. I think there’s something that people might be missing in these comparisons: A BERNIE! army completely breaks the entire weapon/armour system, while Tentacles and Catapults don’t. So long as you have access to green caps and a second Willow, there’s no weapon/armour combination that can stack up. While Tentacle/Catapult farms might be more powerful in their specific uses, they don’t replace combat altogether; despite their situational strengths, Wicker, Winona, Wendy and Webber all still need to fight in the usual way.
  14. Having experimented with shadow duelists a bit, they’re actually pretty good so long as you’re: 1. Not fighting a boss 2. Not fighting more than one mob 3. Constantly attacking the mob The problem here is really number 3, as you would either need to tank (much too squishy at 75hp) or use ranged attacks (much too expensive). Oddly, a simple fix would be giving him a unique staff with negligible damage and high durability.