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  1. Sanbi you don’t need to turn off the entire mod! There’s an option in the mod configuration menu to just turn off the leather
  2. Yup, it’s a Feast and Famine thing. There’s a config option if you’d like to turn it off ^^
  3. It's most likely a website update bug. It's the queue of posts waiting for a moderator to look at them (which is why it brings you to the mod control panel). That button should most likely only be visible to mods, but something got boinked somewhere.
  4. I’ve seen plenty of stuff like this in the Fallout nexus. Generally paid content isn’t allowed, but you can use sites like gumroad where players can ‘buy’ mod item skins (from $0 up). Otherwise straight donation links or patreon seems like the way to go—though patron bonuses would have to be limited to update previews or early beta releases.
  5. I know people are dancing around this a lot, but can anyone show me where monetisation is mentioned by either Klei or Valve?
  6. Honestly the best unused animation in the entire game (and I'm including the chicken peck here).
  7. @Sunset Skye I would highly recommend checking out the Peagawk’s emerge animation...
  8. For anyone working on mods for the new beta: if CurrentRelease.GreaterOrEqualTo("R09_ROT_HOOKLINEANDINKER") then -- some stuff end
  9. Are you using the version of Spriter that comes with the mod tools or the latest free version?
  10. You keep that updated? You are a saint! I’ve always wanted to explore Rezecib’s code to make a fork for one of my mods.
  11. Don’t worry, I’ve already got the Gorge assets backed up! Hmm... well the Jammy Sandwich is in, Pizza is in if you have the Beefalo Milk mod enabled, umm... the Meat Pie is in as a hidden Sweeney Todd reference... Spaghetti and the other pasta dishes will be coming with the next update and Fish and Chips will be coming with the Fish variety update after that.
  12. You can rest assured that those lil crab buddies are getting added to Feast and Famine over the next month or so. If there’s any particular Gorge food you’d like to see in game, let me know and I’ll see what I can do
  13. Oh amazing! I have a mod in mind that will use them as part of a slight football helmet nerf...
  14. Nope, it’s a new item that was added to the drying rack food anim.