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What Other Famous Artwork Should Be Added To Game?

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I'm sure we all agree that the paintings/statues the Dupes create needs to be expanded, so whatever they create appears to be random. At this moment all we have is; stick figure, green ham, Mona Lisa, The Thinker and some abstract thing. Could be more, but that's all I recall. Lets put a list together of possible works of art could be added to the game.

Paintings: The Scream, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, Whistler's Mother, Birth of Venus, The Son of Man

Statues: Atlas, Athena, various animals

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paintings: a dupe version of the Wharhol Marilyn (four pics in different colors). 

Something in the style of Mondrian - easy enough, they all look alike.

A landscape, though perhaps with more than one moon or sun.

Chronos eating his children - because every other game has it.


sculpture:  A waterspout like on a whale

a couple dancing

a bear on its hind legs.


a parody of the marker from Dead Space

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The paintings/statues that are created depend on the dupe's art skill, so you would need 3 different tiers. Of course the ones mentioned so far would rather fit the top tier. The lower tiers would look more like kid's scribbling or first attempt at shaping rock into something (cubism maybe for tier 2?).

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