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  1. custom scenario

    you could make a custom map with a water reservoir as timer. Gain time, by building blockage with ... Natural overflow mechanism (unblockable) Mine and build ladders to escape rooms Skill up to speed up your toon (specialize mining or building) etc ...
  2. Zombies are a thing?

    Poor zombie, revived by the extreme pressure to relief itself of a full bladder.
  3. Show Us Your Colony

    Wow, very nice man.
  4. press O on a door will rotate it so you can use it for stairwells. Been there for as long as i play this game.
  5. Duplicant Traits

    how about: Dancer ... Singer ... Swimmer ... Amathophobic ... fear of dust, might suddenly clean/sweep instead of work. Nyctophobic ... fear of darkness, just a little light, right there, and here and here and over there and ... please?
  6. How dumb can your dupe get?

    if you press pause you could have: unassigned mining jobs to everyone except the trapped dupe assign mining job unpause the game and continue having fun For me, as per OP The most frustrating ones are those where dupes forget how to swim, once they notice they might need a breather. they might have 99% air left, but that 1% less is enough to suddenly forget. (at least, that is how it feels. exact % i do not know)
  7. Chemical formula for Caffeïne ... C8H10N4O2 That would be: Coal (Carbon) + Hydrogen + Oxygen + Nitrogen (Dirt extract) So who ever suggested Coal and Dirt ... you might not be a genius, but in a way, its possible to say you were almost halfway correct.
  8. funny, now you mention it, my dupes work in the dark but sleep with lights on.
  9. no, the game is already addictive as it iss. you add coffee and not just me, but every dupe will be suffering from "early bird" effects at the cost of Calories.
  10. Is ice bugged?

    i guess ice should float. same as o2 floats on co2.
  11. Stress tolerance?

    stuck medical cot dupe works like a switch, tap = on, tap again = off.
  12. each new colony you start has different setup in compound compositions. I've had one with lots of algea one with lots sand one with lots of chlorine one with lots of polution heat on all sides with 1 cold etc etc etc.
  13. First off: best alternative to massage tables: 1) Make sure sleeping cots have a high decoration value. This means stress reduction while doing something that is already done daily. 2) Increase decoration if you know dupes will be there often. Like the mess hall to eat. More stress reduction while .... 3) (optional) try cleaning up the rooms from litter. At least those rooms relevant for the numbers 1 and 2. (sleeping room / mess hall) 4) Decoration can reach 100+ easily with low skills ... so much stress reduction from that. So far just regular stress reducing methods without wasting any other time than crafting some art. Which will pay back itself over the many cycles you'll be busy. Second off: untried Not sure if this works, but try medical cot. Lastly: If you've tried the first two option and manage to get the dupe to 99% ... try setting massage to 100% and wait for it.
  14. I noticed a CO2 pile up in the right most lower corner of my dormitory, just below a vent of fresh oxygen. the pile up ended up locally well over 3kg per m³ of CO2 (over a couple of squares), while i was pumping around 300g pure oxygen through the vents. solution i used was to just dig a drain tunnel for the CO2 with an inlet grate at the proper spot. Watching the resulting effect was almost like looking at the gasses of a cannon firing, in slow motion. So there definitely was some motion, and considering the drain tunnel ran right to left, I assume the vent output somehow created a curtain of air that trapped the CO2. No suggestions made, only an observation with a game-build solution. But maybe creating airflow based on volume density. And allow volume density to naturally equalize. So, its not just air that randomly move, but - it can gain part of a volume if lower pressure or - donate if higher pressure or - even divide into a new bubble, forcing two other bubbles to merge. - and than recompute from step 1. Otherwise ... to quote Will Smith in Hancock ... Good Job! ...
  15. Job Prioritization

    the build prioritization is (I believe) due to walls. Which solved a couple of problems where dupes got outside the room and cemented themselfs in, like every horror story with deadbodies behind walls of their own homes. I think its easier if the Prioritization menu would be keyboarded 1-9 while the menus be reduced to only mouse clickable with the option to close all windows. - I often have my left hand at keyboard anyway ... so P 1-9 can change priority fast - When i need a menu, i need to mouse it anyway for items inside the menu - The only moment I actualy use keyboard shortcuts for menu is to close a menu ... no mouse action required, duh. That way you get - build item - type 1-9 for priority or leave it at 5 although, maybe reverse priority order with 1 being highest if keyboard shortcuts will be set for this.