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  1. Anyone know if there is a way to create saltwater?
  2. [Game Update] - 323841

    Maybe they should nerf mealwood and have the dupes contract lice from them?
  3. I think this might be related to a bug I have seen where the dupes get stuck in an infinite loop fetching water for the Microbe Musher or Algae Terrariums. This issue occurred for me earlier today turns out it has to do with dupes fetching water from a tile which contains Polluted water, had deconstructed a fresh water pipe over the Polluted water pond. If this is the issue you are having mopping the water source seems to fix it, probably the only way to fix the save.
  4. I found when you scroll the Raw Minerals list to the right all the way and then switch to a building that uses Raw Metals the list is still scrolled to the right such that you can not select copper but the horizontal scroll bar is not displayed (see screen captures below). The work around is to go back to the Raw Minerals list and scroll it back to the left.
  5. Superheated gas pockets

    I think this issue is pressure related, you need to keep the air pressurized around all heat producing buildings for the heat to transfer. A small pocket of low pressure air heats up really quickly.
  6. I have noticed on a few occasions in the Pre-Release Alpha and the Thermal Upgrade that the seed count for Mealwood is displayed as a fractional value rather than an integer value. This happens very rarely and should be low priority on the bug list but since it is a minor text formatting issue it should be a rather quick fix.
  7. I lost the save file but was able to reproduce the bug under a new play through. This time the Field Rations are no longer being detected after Cycle 8. The map spawned with loads of Muckroot so the Field Rations were not being used up. The save file is attached however its seems that after this error occurs the food which went missing is not saved out to the file and upon loading only the food which was reported is displayed. I am not sure if the bug is that the Field Rations went missing after 8 Cycles as I believe food can expire or if the bug is actually that after they expire they are still being reported under the "Edible" section on the right. If its the case that the food expires there should be some indicator as to when the food expires perhaps a tooltip when hovering over a food item under the "Edible" section? Factory (Food Shortage Bug).sav
  8. Just finished converting Meal Lice to Liceloaf and then deconstructed the Microbe Musher. The Food Shortage warning then popped up and would not go away. The code appears to be only checking the amount of available Meal Lice.