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  1. It sadly was over so fast that I couldn't take a screenshot, but basically this is what happened: One of my dupes was digging away at some sand that fell down and trapped him in a rather low oxygen environment. he was holding his breath. He got hungry and grabbed a worm that was nearby. Still in the low oxygen environment, holding his breath he was munching down on it, but for the duration of that eating animation he suddenly had an exo-suit helmet, which vanished after the animation finished.
  2. Happens in a few situations, jumping over ladders, moving through an open door... I once had it happen underwater, while crawling over a tile protruding from the floor there, if I remember right. The AI keeps recalculating the "shortest" path, but while switching side the shortest path changes and it's on the other side of that gap, door, tile maybe because of gas movements and the AI changes path again. If it is like that, maybe the AI should only change the path, if the new path is at least ~3-5 tiles shorter (or the time equivalent they use for calculating). That should get rid of those cross jumping/climbing issues.
  3. I've had a single case so far, when they wouldn't use it when they were assigned, even with priority 9. Since it didn't happen again after I destroyed/rebuilt the table, I have no idea if it was just a glitch or a bug that is hard to reproduce.
  4. Same here, there is one door that behaved the opposite way for me, a Pneumatic door. At least it turned blue in an otherwise green to slightly yellow environment. Can't confirm if it always was blue or slowly turned blue, since I only paid attention to temperatures late in the game.
  5. In a rather long session of ONI I got Sweaters for almost all my duplicants, but upon discovering another bug (valves) I saved the game and continued the last autosave and of the 8 duplicants that had a sweater by then, only 2 remained (10 dupes total). At least I managed to replicate it. I can provide the saves, but since it might have something to do with the saves, I'm not sure if it would help, since the bug happens either when saving or when loading. To reproduce: Like mentioned below, the number of clothes in the item counter to the right will update only after loading a game and only counts the physically available clothes, excluding the ones worn by duplicants. If the number of those "ownerless" clothes is lower than the number of clothes worn by duplicants, duplicants will loose their clothes upon loading of the game.
  6. Having the same issue. I wanted to be able to stop flow of a Hydrogen cooling pump for a few cycles to conserve energy by completely halting the flow. It allowed me to switch to 0 right after I built it to full some time later, but won't let me set it to 0 again. In my case I placed the valve over an existing line of pipes, which were deconstructed before the valve was finished. Then I reconnected the pipes. I can provide a save file, if necessary.