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Webber should get benefits from Monster Lasagna

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This would always reward 2 MM + 2 Egg recipe with occasional B&E as long as Eggs come from Morsel-equivalent source.


1 minute ago, Vixrotre said:

Webber is a human child swallowed, but somehow living inside a spider's body, so it makes sense (?) that he can't eat monster food while being seen as a monster by others.

He has the ability to stomach Monster Meat, but does not like it. He likes Lasagna though.

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As I main Webber, I actually would enjoy a boost to Monster Lasagna just for him. Maybe not the Sanity increase, as he states "It'll go down, but I won't be happy about it." when eating a cooked monster meat. But as a Monster himself, maybe reverse the health loss normally recieved by other chracters and boosting hunger gain to 85-ish? At least make the food viable only to him without losing out on the currently superior stats that Bacon & Eggs gives.

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On 3/28/2017 at 4:51 PM, Sudura2017 said:

For example:

62.5 Hunger

2 Sanity

5 Health


Kinda like Meatballs, but better(?) because it requires 2 meats.

Webber is quite literally the most over-powered character in terms of self-sustaining survival, he can camp in his base with multiple nests and never starve. Adding him another excluse feature that boosts his survival makes him even stronger. He already has benefits from Monster Meat, he doesn't lose any health or sanity on consumption, that includes Monster Lasagna too.

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