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End game excess gas management?

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So a problem I had in my last run through was after I had central air in an enclosed base, I filtered and pumped out all gases except oxygen and hydrogen (which went into a hydrogen generator). But even though I started clearing large amounts of my map, opening up many vacumes, the gas outside my base was all overpressurized, 2kg of CO2 and poluted oxygen and chlorine. My gas pipes became all backed up. What do you do with these gases?

I eventually found "the void" which was a life saver, but I want to know other solutions, I've still never understood how to cool down CO2 and solidify it with the new thermal update.

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1 hour ago, alcurad90 said:

Just freeze the co2

OP mentions they do not understand how..

personally I have found that a hydrofan all on its lonesome, cranked up to priority 9 ofc, will quite happily freeze CO2, but if your having trouble with that 6-10 thermo regulators in a row will output very cold Co2 if not straight to solid (careful that it does not freeze your gas pipes tho)


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you have to cool gases with a gas that can be made colder than it with out changing its state in order to prevent breakage of equipment.

you can safely cool hydrogen to cool any other gas currently in the game that's not just in the debug menu.

you can then force the contaminated o2 through the -200c hydrogen to liquefy it without having to cool the o2 itself

there is a Hydrogen bubbler thread in the forums that has a good thermal update design with temperature switches and everything in a fully detailed build explanation that should help you out

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