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Howto build into vaccum ?

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Hello !

I saw a lot of topics about storing food in vaccum.

Is one pressure door enough or a sas is needed ? to keep it empty of gaz.

vac door colony ? vac door corridor door colony ?

(I do not have yet the gaz technologies, even so, not sure you can empty a room of gaz with these techs)



legend : left to the "dinning room" : a nice pocket of vaccum

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with few exploits you can build a vacuum room with entrance

first find a wall of natural tiles, build the floor from below, no gas no empty tiles(green in blueprint).build a platform, leave a space, build a door floating, 2 tiles diagonally(black)

they crawl inside without opening door

build one more door inside, then deconstruct it(tiles cannot be reached)

make sure diagonally is enclosed.

dig out from floor to the height you want, like 4 height.

make your ceiling, place planters and storage.

they hold their breath in vacuum, dont even exhale, but they can also eat in place which removes 30-50% breath so make a storage in entrance and make mess tables in a nice environment.

make small vacuum rooms, better more of them.

you can make this anywhere just build 4-5 layers of tiles (natural tiles can be digged faster) and double doors in front then deconstruct second door and middle layers. mechanic for design, manual constructs/deconstructs faster. you can make of course only storages or just for heat insulation.


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This a great (but an exploit none the less :) ) I'll try this since for now my "print" refuse to deconstruct into a 3x3 block (no display of "ineccassibility", just "deconstruct waiting"... for days.)


EDIT: that was the same as your tric/exploit: I had to get a corner out!


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Vacuums are not safe, you should better use unbreathable gases, dioxide or hydrogen, hydrogen is good for cooling purposes, but dioxde is  more safe (if you will got polluted air in the room, then some day some dupe will covert it to dioxide  (and also if you build right it will even go up and does not hurt your food), profit.

If you don't want to use exploits, than use pressure, just pump in a lot of required gas and another gas will come out (hydrogen always on top, dioxide down)


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3 hours ago, Argelle said:

Thanks for your reply, Fatmice.

A few minutes ago, I came across a discussion about sterile gaz, so I guess either these or room 2x2 as you suggest is the way to go.

As Fatmice wrote vacuum can be done very easy if you allow diagonal access.

Yesterday I made this speed up video of game start (first 6 cycles) because of some testing and there you can see how it could be done from 7:30 to 8:50


Similar technique can be used to extend any vacuum room from outside without entering or to surround any room with vacuum layer.


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A lot of nice information there, thanks!

@bzgzd : it is indeed clearer on video :)

@PVD : cannot see a pump in the plants aera in your screenshot? Is this only plants rejetting CO2 that gives this high concentration of CO2? I take you word for it but the single S exit suffice to separate CO2 and O2?

@SamLogan your idea combine well with a plantation full of CO2 zone :)

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