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  1. so far some of update parts were kinda exact same like forum posts, i think we will get some new stress responses. if they go reactionary, they gonna fix the door cooling and some other heat transfer issues. probably some rebalancing in power producing. probably something animal related stuff
  2. changed in thermal upgrade, i think the filenames havent
  3. dupa lisa shafts! most common thing people mess up is proper air flow. at least 4 wide shafts should be between each section allowing the co2 to go down. 4 wide because ladder-painting-ladder but can be 6 wide with 2 paintings 2 ladders on sides under beds, massage, wheels gas permeables, no need all but usually every second to save on decor but ventilate the base horizontal doors can be used as floors or pool walls. get the dirt and water near research/food making or get the kitchen and research near pool research fast, get a dupe with fast learning and use 2-3 researchers get a good mole hand digger who digs out buried resources maps differ, some give lot of algae some give lot of coal/copper. yeah i also found some with 21 day out of algae and no easy way of finding food, stress spiraled out and couldnt buy more time with digging out algae, but just restart game if you dont like the map. i like to have geysers, 1-2 cold biomes and big purple biomes. kinda bored of copper/coal+10 hatches maps. if you dont have many purple biomes you need to rush electrolyzers and dont force getting algae
  4. my strategy on stress is decor overload, its not that hard just plan for decor. kinda half the place need to be decorated. private rooms stop them from interrupting others sleep, enough lavatories close to the beds and sides of the base stop them wasting time. tweak the daily rations too. then have showers/hand sanitizers on exits. dont let them get interrupted sleep and clean up the dirty water so they dont step on it multiple times, sweep up resources. then just have specialized workers, few good diggers make more work then lot of bad ones. plan ahead, work on one side of map and finish it before starting something new.
  5. its more area of effect now, try placing electrolyzers far from each other and let it filter naturally, hydrogen up, oxygen down, without pumps, they are such a waste of power. it needs 4 pumps and even then wont get all the oxygen out. i dont like letting hydrogen float so i came up with a few designs so far but now with the natural gas, kinda makes even less sense to go for power from hydrogen i may start playing again just to show some screenshots
  6. best is to use cheaty doors, leave a free tile under door and close diagonally. place hand sanitizer, bleachstone storage and food storage there. a friend used bleachstone to pressurize farms. they get dirty hands when digging and they clean before eating so totally fine to place in farm room without mess tables. as for stopping air, you can just build 2 mechanized airlocks and a deoxydizer inside, small room 2x3 for example gets pressurized fast, stops wasting algae, each time door opens releases some oxygen but wont let anything inside
  7. yeah it should, i always placed gas permeable and placed on it, near the door, polluted oxygen rises each level to the ceiling so worked fine on top corners this way
  8. when you mess around the floor under massage it gets bugged, i built door under it and after opening, and closing got bugged until reload, guess can be same with replacing or deleting tiles and remaking them
  9. they got 4k stomach so its a logical flaw, maybe eating should increase bladder charge rate, also sleeping, but lower it daytime. they should use toilet after eating that much then start again and again but dont waste more than 1 ration a time. would be enough time loss, so player should react to stress.
  10. its a slow way out, probably a lavatory outside needed, saves few useless trips i use cheaty doors, they contain everything until max pressure, just close the room diagonally and leave a tile space under the door water locks were better but now there is a "wet" debuff for example a room 2x3 of size with a deoxydizer runs ages on 100 kg algae and releases some oxygen outside each time door opens but doesnt let inside any gas, also a safe point to take a breath
  11. Too Much Water

    fertilizer makers and plants use the polluted water you can make dirty water from geyser by mixing with dirty water from 3 sides i think doors are immune to pressure so just block off geyser with closed doors
  12. try to use low amount of water like 100 mg per tile and small batteries
  13. toilets wake them up also walking time takes away from stamina, so they will have some small interruptions during day when tired, not 0 stamina interaction implemented yet, still the stress charge rate with stepping in contaminated water is very bad lavatories wont wake them up but 75 sec night and 60 sec bladder holding so they may piss themselves at morning, thats why i usually build lavatories right next to bedrooms or inside it (3x9 with 2 sculptures and 1 painting is around 100 decor). they still get interrupted sleep but the bladder is around 1 cycle so resets pee to morning for a while they get interrupted sleep from low oxygen, so they need left side under bed made of gas permeable, right side can be normal to save on decor, and ventilation is fine anyway your issue must be hunger, when they hit 50% they become hungry and they get interrupted sleep, you cant really fix it, maybe set their ration to 1500 daily so they eat 2x in 3 days and fullness is at 85% not 75% after eating, this requires food stacks, so they take from a stack, not from floor, so high priority food delivery maybe mealwood or my other tip is the soggy feet, keep them healthy, in good temperature, dont let hydrogen float. stinking, snoring or farting dupes can wake others up so try separate the beds
  14. chlorine also good i think? then bleachstone, i used some cheaty doors so wont let any gas out *empty tile below doors, closed diagonally, it wont open they crawl trough it), then just a hand sanitizer and a storage makes enough chlorine to keep the boxes in chlorine and reach diagonally, used vacuum before but think it doesnt work now, but can be vacuum before placing the sanitizer. seems they got dirty hands from digging, but also usually wash it before eating and should be close to fridge/box and mess tables, so 2 in 1 co2 also works, now especially with natural gas and co2 output
  15. Starting Dupes

    should be a "cost" of skill and that way some negative stats to balance it, decor expectation wont cut, maybe create one dupe and the rest as it is randomly