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  1. Setting storage priority doesnt affect job priority I like to sort my resources, also i like dupes to pick up food instantly, to preserve a bit better and keep in stacks so they eat fixed ammount, not what they find all my muckroot is still there, ration box priority doesnt affect job priority also they dont pick up the contaminated dirt either, the storage has space and no higher priority jobs
  2. they swapped filters in update, maybe thats the issue
  3. and ability to train by lifting stuff or by a building like punching bag/weight lifting
  4. i was experiencing purple stuff on integrated video card you need directx, vcredist x64 and x86
  5. dig up after 2 harvests or switch to blossom, its early game food which lasts for 60-100 cycles
  6. also shows empty with 20tons, i used separate filtering
  7. i use ignious rock ladders/storage cause of this, pretty major hit for gravestones or multiple items
  8. I was goofing around creating a metal base, horizontal doors work as tile/mesh tile when opened/closed, even resources fall trough. work as power switch(holding buiƩlding or lamp) and gas permeable same time (let co2 out and turn off lights), dont know if this is intended, maybe doors should be more expensive, same cost as 2 gas permeable tiles more functionality. i found an issue where my 4th door/bed was unreachable with no reason massage tables stop functioning after door below it was opened/closed, after reload functioned again. i know this is not intended usage, i just tought i share some weird testing experience.
  9. they kinda do, i had a pump directly to generator, didnt used battery
  10. seems power generator feeds it, have your generator before, consumption after battery
  11. its not even skill level, its profession level, pretty sure only 15 athletics count even with 14 tinkering, kinda confusing
  12. their head was behind chair, and simdll crash was annoying.
  13. they can only move 10? tiles underwater from current position so not a bug