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Hotel Duplicant

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Initial staff of our brand new hotel chain arrived to their destination. To their surprise they have to build the hotel themselves. No one even provided them with blueprints for required hotel equipment .20170324114404_1.jpg

Initial digging goes well and staff prepares a pen for local fauna. However our survey didn't locate any gold in vicinity. Without it, we can't build showers. And lavatories and other room furniture of course.


In the meantime, staff builds maintenance floor and fitness and relaxation floor. In the absence of guests management allows the staff to use the facility.


A stopgap measure has to be taken to deal with a buildup of Hydrogen further postponing a gold survey.


Staff threatens to strike if not provided with better sleeping arrangements.  The management goes above and beyond their demands.


All local fauna is successfully herded and set upon waste material.


A new mining survey revealed a presence of swamp biome. There is a gold to be had for sure!


Digging of fairly well gold vein revealed a presence of water source. Further supply can be filtered on spot.


With the supply of gold growing, management prioritize building first two guest rooms. Full operation will however require a brand new plumbing system.


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First rooms are almost complete and it's time to setup plumbing for them.


But first comes a sudden food crisis. Later it is reveled, that ration box was carelessly walled out.


Initial plumbing is planed out, later to be replaced by more permanent setup.


Public area is almost complete, just sweep the floors.


The same can not be said for staff areas. But management promises improvements in time to came. For now it installed lavatories for staff use free of charge.


80 cycles after beginning of construction Hotel Duplicant welcomes it's first guest - Ellie. For her faith in our establishment she is rewarded a Cool Vest from our brand new boutique. Enjoy your stay with us and be reminded the guests are limited to public areas unless invited by management. Fruit garden is accessible to guests but for now remains under construction.


First night in her cozy room.


Shortly after arrives second guest - technician Turner. He gets nothing.


Turner is enjoying his cardio in fitness, blissfully unaware of cunning management using his effort to power their devices.


With rooms full, it is time to setup more permanent water tank, generators to take advantage of local fauna and of course more rooms for paying customers!



Third part: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/76776-hotel-duplicant/?do=findComment&comment=892429


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That hotel right there be a 5 star hotel. 


59 minutes ago, Vilda said:


Turner is enjoying his cardio in fitness, blissfully unaware of cunning management using his effort to power their devices.



xD haha!! cunning management indeed. 

The hydrogen, blue oxygen and the lights make it look a club with music in the background. So it's like they're getting work out music to pump them up.

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46 minutes ago, Fatmice said:

Is the bristle in the pot any good for decor?  I've never really bother with them.  By good I mean bag for buck in terms of decor / tile.

I honesty don't know, I have it for roleplaying purpose there. But it is basically free low effort decor at the beginning. +10 for flower vase (12 with granite) and another +15 for briar 2 tiles radius

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Construction of water tank goes fairly well but for the chlorine contamination. A solution is sought...


But first a crisis has to be dealt with. Red alert for all employees to build a wall.


Which proved to be effective about as the one on Texas border. Luckily the leak was contained in the area. With a bit of landscaping the water can be used.


Technician Turner can't accept he's just a guest and insist on being found in areas not accessible to public.


The water tank in it's (almost) final form. Plumbers just have to wait for all the lavatories to be flushed to move the piping.


The vicinity of ice biome complicates upward expansion. Our architect is stumped for now and considers expansion in width.


Frankie joins the staff team.


Followed by a new guest Nisbet.


With the debris clear we can finally setup generators.


Water cooled generators. Without access to a water source we still recycle our refuse for now.



Part 4: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/76776-hotel-duplicant/?do=findComment&comment=894375


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Frankie is promoted to a maid and allowed access to guest rooms to clean up them. She does her job well though uses guests facilities for herself on occasion.


A gas tank is build to deal with the chlorine contamination.


Doctor Harold is joining as a guest. On his arrival he promotes healthier lifestyle for guests - for them to be able to pick food in gardens. The management considers his requests and allows it.


The mineshaft for a water source is laid.


Building of the East wing is complicated by a massive chlorine contamination. Luckily we already set up the gas tank.


Another guest arrives!


And fills out the hotel capacity. The management pushes for accelerated construction of the East wing.


Dear guests, pleas be welcomed in a new extended lounge are. Our best artist is creating his new masterpiece for it this very moment . Please be reminded that kitchen and other staff areas is off limits for guests.


Danger, natural terrain was too weak! The holding pit must be constructed at once!


Water is held back almost entirely so construction of the East wing continues. Terrain is complicated by veins of Phosphorite our staff is unable to hold for some reason. Engineer Turner proposed a simple solution to let the gravity work for us. Luckily a payment is not required. For the engineer nor gravity.


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