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  1. [Game Update] - 272643

    For me. it would make more sense for a fridge to stop incubation and the other food storage allow incubation. Eggs are a cooking ingredient so keeping them in food storages makes more sense.
  2. ONI Biology

    Perhaps their calorie counts were perfectly insync. Only one gets hungry at a time meaning the two don't fight for the one when they need to eat. otherwise if one doesn't get his share it will have to wait the next turn and hope he gets lucky that time. If their both hungry at the same time you'll notice when they both fight for the plant they both do the eat animation. This does not mean they both managed to eat. The first one who got to it gets the calories while the other gets nothing. This also only usually happens if there is not enough plant growth. If there is like 60% it should be enough for two.
  3. ONI Biology

    I tested something else before hand with pufts. It seems critters produce more materials (eg. coal for hatches, slime for pufts) when they are happy and not glum. I noticed that they get a -80% metabolism hit to the calorie stat when glum. Meaning they burn less resulting them not pooping as much. Having to eat more means they poop more frequently (which makes sence I guess)
  4. ONI Biology

    You could use the algae for pacu farms maybe. Meat is pretty good food? Then use the polluted dirt for sage hatches, or use it to create more polluted O2 in a room for pufts. EDIT: I just realized they changed my profile info on the left <====== SHOOMP! (I love you klie)
  5. ONI Biology

    In the critters info description box it always alluded that high happiness made them produce more. I don't think that's the case right now but perhaps it will change in the future.
  6. ONI Biology

    Would be nice if they added a slickster that created liquid phosphorite from carbon dioxide. Far as I know its non renewable so eventually you run out for your own custom peppernut farm.
  7. ONI Biology

    Id imagine them changing it to keeping eggs in fridges to stop their natural incubation rate. wouldnt make sense for cold eggs to incubate, Unless its a cold based critter.
  8. [Game Update] - 253538

    From my understanding of how it was before was clicking that * button would change everything to how it was originally but with the exception of having only a max priority of 5 (instead of 9). This confused people? if clicking a single button is too confusing perhaps just keep the 1 - 9 priority system with no change. But keep that * button to switch back to the "advanced" option of having dupes prioritize based on their roles/jobs. That way players who don't seem to grasp the mechanics of the new job prioritization just have to steer clear of that button. Don't touch it and everything stays the same. I think keeping things the same by default should be the way to go for designing these sorts of things so that players that like familiarity don't have to do anything and players who want to try new way of doing things can give them a go by simply clicking that single * button. The interesting thing is all I've done is switch the way it was designed before by simple switching wat that single button does. That button (from my understanding) practically did what you described. Except for that 1-9 option of course.
  9. [Game Update] - 221295

    They needs to put a emoticon/smilie at the end of their post like Whispershade did. Makes any possible hostile remark sound like you're not being serious. Eg: You're a stupid stupid idiot!
  10. Each time some one referred to early access as EA I kept thinking when did klei start working under EA? (Electronic Arts) I'm dumb.
  11. Dupe-A-Day!

    Dupes talking by the Hydrofan cooler, after some hard work.
  12. [Game Update] - 208557

    Then honestly I dont see what some peoples problem is? They're still a threat. Only this time, like you said, you have chance to do something about it.
  13. [Game Update] - 208557

    Dont the hatches still attack you?
  14. Glitched tile?

    This has been the most annoying bug for me since you cant get rid of the tile and you can't build anything on it (like its still physically there). Once the progress bar hits the end it will stay there infinitely. Sometimes the tiles texture will stay other times it will disappear. As stated already reloading a save seems to fix it.