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A pair of bored friends want new people to play with

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So me and my friend @Brikelz have been getting bored of a 2 man team, so we want to have other people play with us! It'll be a 6 slot server, and we'd like to not have dupes if possible (i mean, if you REALLY cant play unless youre wes, then go for it).

1 - Me (Wickerbottom)

2 - @Brikelz (Wes/Woodie)

3 - @isthisworkingnow (Webber)

4 - blank

5 - blank

6 - blank

Server isn't modded, we'd love to have you play!

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17 hours ago, isthisworkingnow said:

I would like to join you. I can play as almost anyone but preferably Webber, Woodie or Wicker.  Just message me and we can talk about it.

Sent you the message. Welcome aboard!

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Hey! If you have room for one more, i am slightly experienced with 122 hours logged, i'm in the central timezone, and prevalent language is english. Problem is i main webber. (I know that it's possible to have two of the same character but if that's not okay send me on my way. :) 

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