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  1. where is lucy on this list i am offended
  2. the only fix woodie needs is a +5 sanity for killing birds in his inventory
  3. wes if you can play him you can play anyone
  4. Cheap PvP Tactics

    people actually play pvp in this game what
  5. It's on the default branch and noob question here, but how do I get my log file?
  6. Not sure why but I have all three of the required items but no yawn emote in my collection
  7. Sleepy emote
  8. I put on log armor to fight mactusk, ended up having to run away and leave my bag behind. My buddy went to go pick it up for me, and 37 flint was in its place where it dropped. I had 37 flint in the bottom right corner of my bag. When I went to it's map icon the next day it disappeared from my map when I got close and the flint was there. Never found it.