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  1. New skins

    Or a whole You Are What You Eat collection - you know, Wolfgang would be Meaty Stew or sth, and Wathgrithr Ratatouille, that's obvi
  2. New skins

    I would like some Coffee skins. You know, everyone dressed up in beigey-ish colors and stuff, maybe some milk and foam on top. Willow would have burnt milk outfit and stuff and generally stuff
  3. Not like I wanna misjugde or prejudge or anything, but the Gateway strongly reminds me of Pandora's Box or something, especially since Charlie seems to be more of a Greek-geek, and I kind of don't trust that machinery [Ancient Gateway]. Looks shifty, and I wouldn't trust anything that comes out of it.
  4. Anyone wanna play DST?

    I can play with you, I'll invite ya
  5. Heyyy, here's link to my profile: I'm from Europe too, so hopefully ping won't be an issue.
  6. I'm in! I'm in! Add me! So, here's my reply to this thread, so notify me maybe (once eveything is on) (y)
  7. Any plans of the Amazing Maxwell for this week ;)?

    1. CIEMniak


      Well, I suppose it's up to you, Sir.

    2. Arlesienne


      Nonono, all up to you! Having you around would be great, though there's no pressure :)

  8. If I can help you in any way regarding RPGs etc., please let me know. Thanks in advance.