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  1. I try to load the game and it won't load in less than an hour from how much it freezes. It freezes, loads for 5 minutes, freezes, loads for five minutes. On the rare occasions i can get to the main menu the client tends to crash. What's going on?
  2. Looking for Someone to play with

    I'm definitely interested if you're still looking! Add me! Nyess doe is my screen name on steam
  3. You've been accepted to join our server as a Webber! I hope you enjoy starving together <3

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    2. PlebQueenTheDoe


      I believe i added you? (PlebQueenTheDoe)

    3. Thieverpedia


      Been a while since I've teamed with a Webber. Tempting to change from Wickers to Wendy for the extra farming potential.

    4. PlebQueenTheDoe


        Awesome! I'm super excited to play with a wickerbottom honestly :)

  4. Read my about me before commenting or messaging! You may find what you need there! :)

  5. Do you want to play with me? a 2 ppl world?

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    2. Jurgens


      nice i'll send you the invitation and then we could play

    3. Jurgens


      I have the same pick and name is Soulk

    4. Jurgens


      Same  profile pic*