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  1. I try to load the game and it won't load in less than an hour from how much it freezes. It freezes, loads for 5 minutes, freezes, loads for five minutes. On the rare occasions i can get to the main menu the client tends to crash. What's going on?
  2. You've been accepted to join our server as a Webber! I hope you enjoy starving together <3

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    2. PlebQueenTheDoe


      I believe i added you? (PlebQueenTheDoe)

    3. Thieverpedia


      Been a while since I've teamed with a Webber. Tempting to change from Wickers to Wendy for the extra farming potential.

    4. PlebQueenTheDoe


        Awesome! I'm super excited to play with a wickerbottom honestly :)

  3. Read my about me before commenting or messaging! You may find what you need there! :)

  4. Do you want to play with me? a 2 ppl world?

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    2. Soulk


      nice i'll send you the invitation and then we could play

    3. Soulk


      I have the same pick and name is Soulk

    4. Soulk


      Same  profile pic*