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Any tips on getting a hatch?

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Just wondering, has anyone had any luck forcing a hatch to spawn, or could someone give me some tips?
I'm trying to test some designs with them on debug mode, so i'm happy to use the cell painter or whatever helps.
From what i've read, they are only around at night, and at day they look like a plant?

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its random, i got them like 2x in row, usually with less algae on map. they are active at night and burrow in morning, you hear them on map cause they spawn in starter zone. you can dig the cracked tiles which are dirt/sandstone usually. mostly muckroot or seeds but can be a hatch.

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1 hour ago, SpoonsOnMyElbows said:

It's not possible, but one thing i have been doing to test pufts is to use the debug painter tool, and paint a bunch of oxygen, or vacuum over the algae areas, there are usually about 7-9 pufts on the map, and then it's just a matter of rounding them up into a nice room.
You can round them up "easily" by using instant build mode (Ctrl + F4) and draw walls around them as they move to constantly move them closer to eachother. Just be sure to check their temperature, or keep them in a vacuum.
They want to be between 22.9 and 50.9 degrees.
Also one thing to be careful of, don't trap your pufts against a wall or tile. They need at least 1 block of space around them.
They might seem fine for a while, several cycles, but eventually they die 1 by 1 simply to touching a tile.

not exactly

you can edit the .yaml file like this so that you can spawn more pufts when generating world.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\worldgen\mobs.yaml


    location: Air
    selectMethod: Centroid
      min: 0.01
      max: 0.01



edit the min & max value to 0.1, which is default to be 0.01.


Try yourself! enjoy the game!


as above.

edit the same file. change the value of hatch. restart your game and have a new game. now you get more mobs!

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8 hours ago, SpoonsOnMyElbows said:

From what i've read, they are only around at night, and at day they look like a plant?

Not like a plant. They're easy to spot when you start a new game, they look like small mounds of dirt. Find the worldgen subfolder in your game install and open the "features" folder. Make backup copies of features_sedimentary_FlatLake, MediumLake, and SmallLake and then modify them in the InternalMobs, type: hatch section. Default is minimum 0, maximum 1. So change that to either a minimum of 1, or make however many spawn you want.

Then you need to change mobs.yaml as described in the previous post. Change hatch density to a larger number, like 0.02. Play around with the numbers in those files until you get what you're looking for.

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I found this one borrowed in the middle of nowhere. Outside of starting biome. It contradicts most of the things I read about hatches. Anyone know exact mechanic behind their placement during worldgen? Any in-game way to spawn them after?


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