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  1. They don't have a ladder section to move down to, as they are both holding on to what used to be a ladder section 2 tiles above the next one down. So basically, it comes down to a missing animation. Which is to be expected from an early alpha. I wouldn't call it a bug, because nothing is bugging. It's just that there is no animation currently to show that the dupe is stuck, with no path to escape the square they are currently in, because you removed it. I guess you could suggest though, that if they wanted to make it more realistic, that the game should check that if dupes have had their path removed, could they instead enter the fall animation, and fall to the next block down. But again, that's not really a bug, it's a suggestion for realism.
  2. " but they do have the ability to climb up the side of a tile as can be seen in every other situation, in the game " Yeah, if they are is a state of walking, not in a state of climbing. You can see in both your screenshots, they are not in a state of walking, so they cant move sideways, they can only continue to move up or down. The only time a dupe can move sideways from a ladder in a climbing state is directly left or right to another ladder.
  3. " Bugs 1 and 3 are bugs - if the Dup is stuck but a potential path exists, " But that's just it. There is no potential path. If a dupe is in a climbing state, they climb only to the top of the ladder, as in, their body is on the top section of ladder. Not that their body is completely above the section of ladder with their feet on the top of it. That's not how ladders work. This is what i mean by " They can't pull themselves above the end of a ladder. "
  4. Well.. i can confirm that they don't work fine like that, and often do break in the way your picture is describing. Been testing for over 80 hours now. I'm not saying that's what your issue is, but dismissing it and saying that's simply not it, and that they work fine is wrong. The switches and wiring were so buggy so often that i had to completely change the way i wire stuff up. And since making those changes, it's worked perfectly for at least 1000 cycles.
  5. Can you press "Alt + Enter" to go into windowed mode to see if that helps?
  6. I get this too, is it not just the autosave?
  7. You have 2 inputs, and 4 outputs. They are jamming each other up.
  8. Yeah, sounds like your food just spoiled, as it does.
  9. JoshNewTerra it looks like your graphics is having a hard time. What graphics card are you using? Are you using DX11? (It looks like you are, just asking)
  10. Not a bug. They can't reach that spot.
  11. NtDll appcrashes are usually caused by corrupt windows, or faulty hardware drivers. Did you update your drivers (especially graphics) before you started playing this game?
  12. It's not a visual bug. They are over pressurized. They are working too though. The reason is that they are toggling quickly between working and not. So the icon just stays there. This is because your pump and vent are in the same area.
  13. How thick is that air though? Once the oxygen is thin enough, they have a hard time breathing it, although it is technically a breathable gas.
  14. How is this a bug? You need to deconstruct the tile to do that. You can place anything over mine-able blocks. You can't place anything you want over tiles.