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The old thread was archived so I'm making a new one :p

Note: If you don't like starving, anime related stuff, MMD, animation, music, dancing, inaccurate modelling, blonde hair, souless eyes, lack of muscle, ghost girls that are still alive, having an open mind for the future and everything else, this thread isn't for you.

So if you remember my old thread, you'll know I posted a couple of pictures of DS characters as MMD models. I recently looked them up again and I found more results :)



(These two are old)




(This one's an improvement but apparently has been deleted from DA -_- )

And here are some videos (the person uses a different Willow model. Which one do you think is better?) :

(O wish I new where to find the Abigail and Wolfgang models)

(There's one more video but it's been blocked for me -_- )

Opinions? (If you made it this far)

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On 4.03.2017 at 11:31 AM, DragonMage156 said:

I need a Wes model or atleast a similar looking mime but all the good ones don't have DL links yet >_<

Here https://www.deviantart.com/szamankagaja

I'll make his model but you must wait few days because I'm doing now Wendy model and tommorow I'm going to my cousin for a few days but soon you'll have a Wes just please be patient 

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