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Share your perfect base plans!

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My entire setup revolves around 6 dupes because 6 dupes require 600g/s O2 which is covered by exactly 14 algae terrariums which can benefit from the free light from the portal. 14 terrariums requires 4.2kg/s of water which turn out to be just under the rate that one water purifier can provide. And once you got the farm running you only need to run 1 pump (240W) + 1 purifier (120W) + 1 bio distiller for the algae (120W) + research station (60W) + supercomputer (60W) which adds up to the exact 600W that a single coal generator covers, which makes your coal last for a very very long time. With all the art and massage tables you can easily coast to cycle 100 without much trouble. Lemme know if you made refinements to this plan!

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That's a good job but it's really too theoretic :

14 algae terrariums [...] 1 bio distiller for the algae

Impossible, the distiller is too slow to feed 14 of algea terrariums. Even 1 for 1 it's not enough.

Also, since the new patch, Algea is more rare and the Electrolyser is more efficient.

1 pump (240W) + 1 purifier (120W)

Purifier is not a viable long-term solution since the sand is really rare on the map.


And you don't integrate the news problems from the last patch : overheating, spoiling food, etc.

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perfect and the quest for it can be costly on resources. using the water tepidizer to control the entire base heating. co2 in a cold biom for farming and food storage continuing to generate co2 in coal genys cooled by cold co2. fighting the games physics takes effort letting the game physics do it for you is the path to a perfect base

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19 hours ago, RKBKirin said:

I see people planning out these elaborate bases and developing heat exchangers and gas-freezing systems in other threads...and I'm still just trying to keep my Dupes from stress vomitting lol.  

I think they get much less stressed since Thermal Upgrade (or I just got much better). Try to find the root of the problem, stress beds should only be needed if something you didn't notice got out of hand.

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