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(Unofficial) Oxygen Not Included Discord (related posts)

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Ok everyone I will be giving the link for the discord here. Please bare in mind that this discord will be a work in progress as the game and the community grows. I want this discord to grow as the community and the game grows. Thank you Klei for making another great game! Here is to many more cheers!! https://discord.gg/EBncbX2

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I can't believe in the short time of this discord being here that we have already reached 200+ members!! Thank you so much everyone for the love for the community. I hear some great things are going to be happening. Also please do not forget about tonights Live Stream!!! 3;30 PST 6:30 EST, 11:30 PM UTC here is the link for those of you not yet on the discord, or are yet to join http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/75621-rhymes-with-play-129-oxygen-not-included-update-preview/

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We are almost at 300 members! wow! I am still in shock, but this is good news, but growing fast like this also means that I will be looking for help with Moderating.

A few things that NEED to be followed

1. You will be limited to what you can do at first (so we don't have people abusing the role of moderator) my Mods and I will help you out when we can if you have any questions or need help in a particular case.

2. I do have the final say and will take what you say into consideration when it comes to kicking or banning people that do not follow the rules outline in the server.

3 You HAVE to have a Google account in order to apply for the mod position(s)

any further questions you might have, please feel free to PM me either here or on the server. I will answer you when I can.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and for making this community a great place to be! Keep it up!

Below is the link to the application



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