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  1. I just finished a few hours mucking with the dev and deploy environments for the ONI mods, and I think I have a handle on where everything is supposed to live. I sort of journaled the steps, so I can likely update the "Modding: How Do I Even" guide The decompiling step took just a few minutes to understand and execute for me - happy to help via DM or on Discord if anyone is trying to get their own modding environment working and running in to problems.
  2. My brain always wants to do exactly this! Producers and consumers, with as few dependencies and responsibilities as possible
  3. Happy to see that there's at least a workaround, thanks for sharing - I just got my first simple mod working with the DLC (added a recipe to the Molecular Forge), I'll see how it behaves without it now (just to catalogue the process of switching DLC off will be worth it!).
  4. I wouldn't have noticed if not for your comment, bravo! It was me! Actually hopping in to say that I'm enjoying the new early game - I tend to slow-play and agonize over tiny details, so I'm not even in near-space, let alone outer space I like the idea of a bridge between starting the game and atmo suits, perhaps "holding one's breath" will become a little less "Alien Resurrection" (i.e. you can hold your breath forever in sci-fi movies)...
  5. It certainly is! I feel like if your piping is organized, having a bridge send all of the flow to a filter (powered or not) to 'prime a line', then removing the bridge might be a nice middle ground. Some initial investment, but zero moving parts/fluids thereafter. My current game is in need of some organization, I appreciate the idea!
  6. Hopping in here for an update - I just updated a simple mod, and while the whole experience isn't great, it's completely do-able. I think that it's more the tools (and the enormous amount of data that they 'unlock') can get in the way of the learning process (for me, at least) I'm happy to do some custodial work as part of learning the ONI modding ecosystem, there's a few mods that I used for QoL that I would love to have in DLC-land!
  7. Great post, thank you for this! Have you seen the video about "power-free" filtering from Tony Advanced? Once I start moving gases around the base (insert "Flatulent" joke here, go on), and have the appropriate tank researched, I usually set on up on the consumption side of the tank, along with a powered valve for a quick "off" switch. Do people share blueprints from the Blueprints mod? I actually played until I had atmo suits before noticing that there was something else, just seeing how these things work now
  8. Aah, I see - thank you for the clarification. Those seem like unnecessary downloads, time for me to get up-to-speed on the dev environment This is the first time I've seen those terms...that leads me to believe that you can maintain your Steam library programmatically, at least on an OS with symlinks Cool!
  9. Thank you for clarifying - this is an important find!!!
  10. I just noticed that you can fabricate the Oxygen Masks before you research the pattern...working as intended? This was the first thread that came up in my search for "Oxygen Mask" that appeared recent - thanks in advance!
  11. I'd like to help! I had a very simple mod that was working before the DLC, and have experience with software development. I will get a public Github repo started with this mod, hopefully the upgrade process can serve as a starting point?
  12. I would enjoy having the same! On another note, I made a very simple mod with the help of the guide and the work of @Cairath ...about a year ago, it added a recipe to an existing building. It worked before I activated the DLC, let me see if I can dust off Visual Studio and get it operational...I think it will serve as a decent working example for someone to at least get the modding system working on their local installation. As for the architecture, perhaps I can connect with the Klei team...has anyone from the community done this before?
  13. I made a very simple mod that was still operational before the DLC arrived, and I'd actually like to continue its development now. This is the first post I read when looking for modding info and DLC, continuing the search now. Thanks for the info!
  14. Something about the 4500 degrees C and the 90g seems...suspicious to me. Is "0.09" the correct specification for the temperature for this element? (I'm presuming that this is the Carbon Dioxide by `material4`)