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Lift/Elevator system

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Would love to see a crank lift that could later be upgraded to an elevator.  It could be loaded up with supplies so they don't have to make a million laddar trips.  Or just a faster transportation method for our slower dup... it's painful to watch them slowly walk around... 

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Lifts/elevators for vertical transportation and also wagons for horizontal one.

Both lifts and wagons would need rails and pulling/pushing system. Rails the same for all time (or maybe with upgrading possiblity to gain speed?)

Pushing/pulling system could be based on wires.

I vote this idea. :)

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Just now, cryogenicManipulator said:

I may be dreaming too big, but I think it would be neat if there was some sort of steampunk resource teleport that could transport various materials over a small-medium distance.

It would likely be very expensive and very far along the research tree, but Hooo boy would it be somethin'.

For me it would be rather boring. Both to use and setup. 

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