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  1. Yep still present on the live branch: RP-393722 I would love a fix for this since it seems like mixing fuels should be OK.
  2. This is definitely a problem, and it's been reported before and some really helpful people posted detailed workarounds here. I think linear farm designs start out working but fail after a while. I'm not sure what triggers the farm tile to fail and block the water flow. Near as I can tell the unwritten rules of pipes are: Be careful how you layout inflow and outflow nodes. You want your pipe flow to be unidirectional. If your pipe doesn't have a clear sense of "direction" water blobs will get confused in your system. Don't just link up all the outflow nodes and inflow nodes. Make sure there is an individual pipe going to each one. Use gold amalgam instead of iron ore when you build your pump for pumping boiling hot water.
  3. Pretty sure the OP has the water coming up and then right into the farm. He even says "the first two farms" indicating those two leftmost ones are the first to receive water. My straight-line bristleberry farm worked great for dozens of cycles till one day it stopped and only the first two plants got any water, just like the OP. I tried removing the plumbing and rebuilding but it didn't help.
  4. Thanks, I didn't know that saving and restoring fixes it!
  5. Sometimes it is not so easy to dig out the duplicant in time
  6. I think you should re-open this. I'm experiencing the same issue and my shower's output is pretty empty
  7. I just noticed that the storage compactor "fullness" meter is drawing in front of my duplicant, see screenshot attached.