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  1. For those who have their PCs based on combined Intel Graphics and Nvidia, make sure that both drivers started. I've had the same issue on my Dell XPS 15. I've realized that only Nvidia driver was starting and Intel wasn't for some reason. Problem disappeared after starting both drivers.
  2. The most inconsistent areas are those near water locks (both left and right). But it seems that it occurs anywhere (bathrooms, funghi plantation etc) I was trying to trace this bug, so I've rebuild decontamination zones several times with no conclusion. It seems not related to problems with placing directional buildings (checkpoints, sinks) close to other buildings (like in checkopint, where it can't be placed near any other building, risen tiles included). Since I was not able to define the bug, I am attaching my save file. Laboratory.sav
  3. For tiles workaround is to build tile of another type on the one we want to deconstruct and deconstruct new one.
  4. Probably the yo-yo cord wrapped his neck. Common yo-yo mistake and the most probable cause of death in above situation. At least he had some fun before death.
  5. It is not a bug with vacuum and food themeselves. In my opinion it is a bug with closed space being accessible from the outside with the following setup.
  6. He's there for entertainment apparently. Maybe he's rising up decor this way? o.O
  7. Or just submerged terrariums in water as I said before.
  8. This is not mine bug. It has been mentioned by SkyeStorme in his Thermal Upgrade Part 17 video. Algea terrarium is fed 1kg per task by dupes. Similar bug to Slime Machine which has been spotted before. Workaround: Terrariums can be fed by automated system with liquid vent or submerged in water (it ain't bug, just tutorial! )
  9. I think it might be related with massless gases in the plants. I've reported it as a new bug here several days ago.
  10. I haven't any wheezworts nearby (in any of 3 different games). So I don't think so.
  11. Also it happens during game reload. Definitelly an exploit.
  12. There are some glitches with guns. Sometimes they are becoming red square, sometimes the just miss texture. Minor bug in my opinion.
  13. Game is paused after reload. If you hit 'space' (unpause) then every glitch of loading disappears. It is minor bug. But still a bug. Minor means, that probably it is not relevant at this stage of development (it is not blocker of any kind). The thing with fan you should post in 'features' part o this forum.
  14. I vote that bug. When you're manually order dupes they can get to the place of work. I understand that it should be unreachable when move_in+work+move_out sequence will make them suffocating. But now it is invalid mechanism...