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  1. About this build : @Kevin There is bug with, you can only take Battle Graft, ditto @Daxterr But I'm very happy : Shel is super, a very good character and well introduced, well done! Krill is now well balanced, though but not impossible. Even against Yote. Combo System is now viable and works well, it' my favorite now!
  2. This card should be 0 or improvised card free : it cost min 2 (1 Specialty and cost of another card) for only have 2 combo. Or gain 4 combo. It’s cheaper to roll combo with 2 gain 4 and gain defense roll combo next turn...
  3. 1st time against Drusk, prestige 0. Was fine, playing Combo/Discard. A little too long perhaps, because of Discard instead of Attack… Not too hard, but we where 4 (3 + Sal). And was more "strategic" than Shroog. So good idea!
  4. Cannot understand debug mode to set Drusk appear, if anyone can help
  5. Hope that Drusks are easier than Krill Love the idea of jobs multiplication for starter day, will give a try tomorrow...
  6. Hi, During cleaning the description of my dupe is "Cleaning {Target}" (see pic)
  7. Hi, After a while, a buried object in my gas. Don't know how to reproduce it however.
  8. I've digged in diag below water thinking I'll have a little water flow, but did not have any at all. Maybe it's intentional, or not, but to aware you... I was surprised ^^
  9. Hi, Since you recolt 1 briar seed, the system is considering you have one, even if you don't. If you click on the briar seed (orange right side) the system don't find any ever. Thanks !