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  1. Whats everyone's fav cards

    Love Red deck in negociation, my Waifu : Caprice, as absolute destructor for free…
  2. Drusk Boss Battle

    You need max Wound with combo, with your teammate firing 3 times it’s easier. Or play Discard
  3. Or may be game can ask build type at start of day, allowing RNG be less RNG each day...
  4. Have done a max with the Bile Grenade too, you need to wait before launching it...
  5. Don’t found Discard works well with Wounds, there not so much cards for that. Maybe the one making Wound for Counter... Wounds work well with Combo, the “Spend as 3 Combo make Wound” is a killer. Have made 28 dmg in one turn with Wounds stacking.
  6. In Experimental you gain Animosity and person hate you, it’s less powerful than it was...
  7. Too much time Love to choose run before drawing cards. Like my last, it’s was Red, Draw/Discard The previous was Every Cards, Wound/Counter/Combo My next would be Red, Wound/Combo
  8. Winning Deck Archetypes

    Reconsider against Admiralty is mandatory. My favorite is the one which give you next card for free. Just run a 18 Hostile card 2 Maneuver (3 Def and 6 Def Expand), removed or destroyed everything else… it's a slaughter. 2 or 3 rounds to explode 40 or 50 Resolve, Attack went to 18-24, it was awesome
  9. Some merchants when you fight against have Stinging Eyes : you hit randomly someone. But it never expire, like Wound or Bleed. When you are at high Prestige, you rely on cards which combine well on same target, like Wound or Bleed; but you cannot be sure with Stinging Eyes. We should have : counter measure as a Green Card to buy, or a Maneuver Card to choose (Remove malus) and/or Stinging Eyes need to expire sometimes after 2 or 3 round…
  10. [Experimental Update] - 357798

    About this build : @Kevin There is bug with, you can only take Battle Graft, ditto @Daxterr But I'm very happy : Shel is super, a very good character and well introduced, well done! Krill is now well balanced, though but not impossible. Even against Yote. Combo System is now viable and works well, it' my favorite now!
  11. [Experimental Update] - 357371

    This card should be 0 or improvised card free : it cost min 2 (1 Specialty and cost of another card) for only have 2 combo. Or gain 4 combo. It’s cheaper to roll combo with 2 gain 4 and gain defense roll combo next turn...
  12. [Experimental Update] - 357371

    1st time against Drusk, prestige 0. Was fine, playing Combo/Discard. A little too long perhaps, because of Discard instead of Attack… Not too hard, but we where 4 (3 + Sal). And was more "strategic" than Shroog. So good idea!
  13. Struggling building a Hostile Cards Deck

    Forgotten the BEST Hostile RARE card : Caprice. Take this an infinite time, give 1 free Red card, and 2 free or 1 upgraded after upgrade. You can gain Dominance, or attack easily for free… On upgrade, Bulldoze or Menacing Air for free
  14. Boss combat focus

    You can also buy Health +10 and Vapors +21 after 6 turns at merchants. And you can save pet with them. Use tincture, cripple, everything you can. and fun facts, killed boss 2 with only 10 HP : cards saved my life, finished with 22 HP (more than started )
  15. Struggling building a Hostile Cards Deck

    Composure? Who need composure when you’re hostile and negotiate in 3 turns