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Alright! Here is the situation:

let's say it's day time! I attack spider den with 6 piggies.

I point to ATTACK the spider den and all the piggies follow.

As we have hit the den - spiders jump out.

If I point piggies to ATTACK the spider (I can point only one) -

all 6 piggies trying to punch exact spider I clicked on.

After they killed it - they stand and wait till spiders bite (unless I point to another spider).

When spiders bite - piggies finally realize they surrounded by spiders and start killing them (screaming KILL SPIDER!!)

If I don't point piggies to ATTACK the spider -

all 6 piggies will be continuing to attack spider den until spiders bite the piggies

and they realize what's going on....

So - my suggestion is - if I point piggies to ATTACK the spider - they don't attack the particular spider - each piggy attacks the closest spider like they would do when they naturally realize whats going on being bit by spiders.

Similar reaction from piggies you can see - when they all standing around the fire and spider comes by... They see the spider - and automatically run to kill it. So why they don't do it when they surrounded by spiders - waiting for them to bite first and then attack....

What you think?


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If pigs got smarter they would start demanding meat daily.Wages.Workers Compensation...Sick leave- holidays.

They will found unions. And then we have Pigs waving with cardboard signs. Demanding more Meat for less Work!And I suppose he knows his battles...^^
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