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Next character picture?

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No that character is locked till the next update.

Unless you happen to catch the first release of the Krampus update in which the devs accidently released the version of the game with the cheats button to unlock everything. I won't lie I dabbled since Steam hadn't updated me to the hotfix yet, but Wickerbottom technically had no benefits since she wasn't really implemented into the game yet; she's going to be meant more for the new research system since her specialty is more efficiency with research. She was just a funny looking sprite who surprisingly looked like an old grade-school teacher of mine...

Then I got updated to the hotfix and couldn't get rid of my 1,000,000 research points.....So I had to delete all of my save files and start over again. Lesson learned on that one I suppose; always back up your s&%# before doing stuff like that.

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