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Found 6 results

  1. So I've just got Wolfgang AND I found out you can punch things. That makes the game 100xs better. Anyhow, after I unlocked him, I saw the next character picture. It doesn't look like Whickerbottom. Or it might. Can anyone shine some light on this?
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number 70861 Issue title tooth trap not working (hounds) Steps to reproduce 1hounds come 2tooth trap 3they run over it Describe your issue i was in my fort of tooth traps and the hounds ran right threw them like they werent there so i had to cut them down with a tentacle spike my base http://imageshack.us/a/img28/2425/workv.png
  3. There has been a lot of talk on the forums about food spoilage, and it got me thinking. Here's my brain dump. I think that spoilage is a good idea, because it would make the collection of food an interesting decision. Right now, it is always a good thing to get more food. More food is always better, so you get things like people grinding farms and berries. The game rewards grinding these resources by giving you an unlimited source of food. If foods expired (with properly tuned values), you would have to balance hoarding behaviours with your expected rate of consumption. Collecting more food than you can eat would be a waste of time, like it is in real life. Expiry makes grinding pointless, and makes it so that you can never have complete food security. If different foods last for different amounts of time, and there are ways to slow down expiry, it opens up a whole new set of strategies to explore. How will you survive winter if your food stockpile is slowly expiring? You'll have to rely upon hunting and resource-intensive prepared foods. Canning! Salting! Jam! Ahem. So now for details. Let's say that food health and hunger values are as they are currently, but we introduce a new value called "freshness" that decreases linearly with time. Combining stacks of varying freshness results in a new stack that has a freshness that is a linear combination of the two source stacks. Splitting a stack results in two stacks with the same freshness as the source stack. Freshness can neither be created or destroyed via inventory manipulation. You can hide one stale morsel in your stack of 10 morsels, but the overall units of freshness will remain the same. Health and hunger values can be modified by some function of freshness. This might be linear (to a minimum percent of the original value), or it may be a step function, with distinct phases of freshness. I think I like the discrete phases method better: ie, something like: 100% - 80% : Fresh! full values! Yum! 50% - 79% : Almost fresh! 75% values! 20% - 49% : Stale! 50% values! 1% - 19% : Nasty! 25% values! Gross! 0% : The stack expires and becomes a stack of wet goop. Freshness would be indicated on an item's inventory icon, either with a small iconic indicator for each step of freshness, or as a percentage (like tools). The total expiry time would vary depending upon the food type. Raw Meat: ~5 days Raw Veggies / Fruit / Berries: ~7 days Cooking or crockpotting might reset the timer to a new value, which can be prorated based upon the freshness of the ingredients. Cooked meat: ~5 days (with all fresh ingredients) Cooked veggies: ~5 days Special 'preserved' recipes: longer! These base times are multiplied by the following multipliers depending upon where the food is: On ground: x1 In claypot "fridge": x2 In other container / inventory: x1.5 ------ So how does something like this sound? Would this make you think more carefully about your food production, or is it too micro-managey? I would probably also make crocked foods stackable as a part of the same change, to try to keep things simple.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 1/3 ? Issue title Tooth Trap's Bug Found Steps to reproduce This happens after every savegame Describe your issue So basically tooth traps work, but only when you put them down that save game. If you leave the game or it crashes all you traps won't work. That is unless you pick them up and put them down again. If you save and quit they won't work. This is very frustrating when I have 50+ traps to ward off the hounds. Please patch in next update!
  5. :)I am willing to trade Don't Starve, Pop: Fogotten Sand+ extra $2 for Arma 2 CO. If you don't have this games you can offer me any other game you fancy but please no DOTA 2 or THQ Humble Bundles. And no indie games.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Tooth Trap needs to be set again in first opening Steps to reproduce Set tooth traps and before it is triggered quit the game, then when we enter the game TRAPS never work, thus need to be taken and set again. Describe your issue Set tooth traps and before it is triggered quit the game, then when we enter the game (placed not triggered)TRAPS never work i mean they are not triggered, thus need to be taken and set again and then it works