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Question to the Moderators

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IF i just so happened to mod a LUA file, let's say to make rocks drop spears when you mine them. Would it be okay to post it on here and give a link to download it?

Again I'm not saying i DID DO such a thing, just wondering......

I'm guessing no, because their current TOS does not allow sharing modified versions of their files. It's IP after all.

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Wer are changing the TOS to include language that is more specific and allows modding. This will be up in a couple days.

Mainly, as long as you aren't changing code that deals with account management/login handling, you are fine.

In addition, I am concerned about some security issues that could happen if people are sharing mods, so I don't know how we are going to handle that.

So, before Klei can discuss modding, we need to address those points first.

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