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Was thinking about Winter and then saw Kevin's Food Spoilage thread, and it got me thinking. IF you put your food in a chest or of the floor (in winter obviously) it would become frozen (Since it's frozen, then the freshness would be frozen as well) then to eat it would would have to warm it over the fire (It would take some time though to prevent exploitation)

The image of something frozen would just be the item then an ice shell around it (thick or thin)

Extra things to take note of:

> FROZEN COOKED FOOD - is that even edible?

> Only Raw Meat items will be frozen?

> It wouldn't make sense for vegetables to be frozen.




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I think the idea of Winter is to be a harsh time for players in which hoarding food is hard, if not impossible. I feel like this would kind of take away the point. Also, as far as I'm aware, putting something in a chest would give it a bit of insulation so, if anything, would prevent food from freezing, and dropping food on the ground to freeze it doesn't seem particularly appealing.

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