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Found 29 results

  1. What the heck am I even doing? That's remarkably stupid even for me. Oh, wait, I'm just running out of space. Luckily only visual arts are taken for streams, so this little abomination isn't going anywhere. * * * "Krampus, Pal, Is Coming to Camp" You'd better watch out You'd better not cry You'd better not pout I'm telling you why: Krampus, pal, is coming to camp Krampus, pal, is coming to camp Krampus, pal, is coming to camp He's making a list And checking it twice; He'll easily find out who's murd'rous or nice Krampus, pal, is coming to camp Krampus, pal, is coming to camp Krampus, pal, is coming to camp He knows who killed the pengulls And ate all dragonpie, You should be going steady, pals And here's the reason why: He'll steal every tool, he'll smash every chest For every smallbird you ate as a jest Krampus, pal, is coming to camp Krampus, pal, is coming to camp Krampus, pal, is coming to camp He's seen you smother Glommer And subject it to hounds; With every butter muffin, Your naughtiness abounds You'd better watch out, You'd better not cry, You'd better not pout, I'm telling you why: Krampus, pal, is coming to camp Krampus, pal, is coming to camp Krampus, pal, is coming to camp (Coming to camp) Krampus is busy man, he has no time to play: He's got eleven HP bars to nuke on Deerclops Day (Krampus, pal, is coming to camp) (Coming to camp) (Krampus, pal, is coming to camp) (Coming to camp)
  2. I came up with the idea when I noticed that snow just never melts, untill winter's almost over.I thought at nights of winter: hey, it'd be usefull if that snow around my fire would melt to keep things visible.Though I'm not a programmer of any kind (except VBA ), I thought that adding this subtle effect could improve the game a little bit.Every update of Don't Starve, had all these little new things, it were things small and subtle effects I really liked in the game. Which all combined, make a great game.I thought I'd mention it, since nobody has done it. And it'd be a nice little effect, which just adds to the game.
  3. It's a simple poll. Which do you think is harder to survive, winter or summer? Personally, I think that winter is harder to survive, because the things that you require to survive winter are much harder to acquire than those for summer. So, what do you think?
  4. Nuclear Winter

    It was the mid 60s. This was during the Cold War, only something went horribly, horribly wrong. The Nuclear bombs detonated all over the Earth, driving some to madness. Others survived on ancient magic and witchcraft. Finally, some lived in bunkers, deep below the Earth. Though one man was all three. His name? Maxwell, A.K.A William Carter. Very few survived on the island above his isolation. Some were mutations, such as Beefalo, Koalephants, and Jackelopes. Others just thrived, and became larger predators, such as the Spiders and Tallbirds, which gained monocular vision. Meanwhile, the hounds were pets who went feral. Many ships wrecked, leaving few survivors. Some other vehicles crashed. Some were part of an ancient tribe long since gone. Meanwhile, some arrived do to... otherworldly means. Whatever the case, there were some surviving humans. And they needed to go underground, and then, survive. Character Sheet: Name: Gender: Bio: (Optional) Physical Description: ---------------- Health: 100/100 Sanity: 100/100 Hunger: 100/100 (Note: If specified in abilities, these can change.) ---------------- Abilities Positive: Negative: ---------------------------------------- With the abilities, make sure to give a description of the ability. Try to make a balanced character.
  5. So, I got past chapter I of adventure mode, and ended up with The King of Winter. Maxwell appeared and taunted me some more. Strangly, his voice seemed to echo in an unusual manner. Anyways, after he left.....the strangest thing happened. NOTHING. I couldn't move at all. No nothing. The camera didn't even zoom out to it's normal distance. Just permanently stuck in the Maxwell cinematic view. Couldn't pause the game, either. Had to ALT-F4. And i'm sure if I waited long enough, my chara would freeze to death. Any ideas? I'm pretty much not able to get through Adventure mode now. Or the caves, because of the mystery crash. But that's for another thread. Also, may I add that instead of laying on the ground during the start of the cinematic, Wolfgang turned into Mighty Wolfgang, with the quote as well. Perhaps this is related to Wolfgang, specifically? I see another person made a thread with a similar problem.
  6. WeeTusk: The Glutton "That's probably edible." Health:150 Hunger: 200 Sanity:200 Abilities: His unarmed melee is a bite rather than a punch.Does 30 damage unarmed. Unarmed attacks restore 5 hunger. (doesn't work with Chester or lure plants) Starts with Walrus Hat (not Tam O' Shanter) While wearing the Walrus Hat, health damage is converted to 2x hunger damage. Armor lessens damage while wearing the walrus hat. He freezes at 75% speed in winter and overheats at 125% in antiwinter and in lava caves. Wearing the Tam O' Shanter restores 10 sanity per minute. Method of unlocking: There will be a MacTusk city with WeeTusk sleeping in the middle.There are no other WeeTusks in the MacTusk city. After all of the MacTusks and Hounds are defeated, WeeTusk will do that scream, and then run inside, unlocking him as a playable character. (Credits for the picture to everybody's favorite walrus enthusiast, [MENTION=3309]Spazmatic[/MENTION])
  7. (Sorry if anybody already posted this.Also you can do this on a normal world just skip the customization part.)So i had a lot of time to mess with the new preset and i set "Pigs" to lots and "Beefalo" to lots to get a lot of meat.1st.You must kill some spiders you may be able to find monster meat if the pigs have done it already you will need the monster meat.2nd.You feed one pig one monster meat if there are beefalo near if not feed all of them one each and bring them to beefalo and click on a beefalo with a spear and while you are walking to it run back and you will not attack them the pigs should hit the beefalo and all the pigs will kill the herd you will find a lot of meat on the ground.3rd.Repeat until you have around 20-100 should have enough for winter.
  8. Hey, I just thought of a cool challenge! Winter Survival! The only thing you will be changing is Food, Climate, and Animals. The rest can be changed freely.Beginner: Default Food, Long Winter.Survivor: Low Food, Only Winter, Default Animals.Adventurer: Low Food, Only Winter, Low Animals.Insane: No Food, Only Winter, Low Animals.Try it! If you love my idea, recommend more challenges.
  9. sounds like a great idea, but it should offend incoming mobs for the beefalo wool smells awful:concern:
  10. a filipino gamer conquers the world of Wilson and Maxwell.And this is my pilot let's play series.I hope I can entertain you guys.All comments(either positive or negative) are welcome.
  11. Hey all!So I'm doing a playthrough atm and am doing 12 min videos with highlights of 5 days a time. I've just released the first video day 1-5 and have recorded and will be uploading the other video from day 5-10! So any tips and whatnot would be helpful
  12. I've been in adventure mode, day 327, world 1. Then winter update released, I survived 1 winter (which started at day 347 and ended at 362) and used portal to go in next world.Next world, day 2: it's snowing. It was just for 20s maybe, without snow layer on ground, but it was kinda weird a little.. Ok, nevermind, keep playing. Day 12. Suddenly - winter ambient, 3 sections of day, 8 of dusk and 5 of night. 3 sections of day! I wasn't ready much, but.. Well, I can deal with that. Later, in like 7-14 days it became normal winter (6 day, 6 dusk, 4 night). Now it's day 56, I've killed 4 deerclops, eat 1 eye and I wonder - will winter ever end? I've spent all honey I had (so I can't heal sanity with candies), I don't have any farm (so my only food is meat), normal base etc. It's challenging, but did anyone else got so long winter so far? It's just 2nd world..Update:Day 58 - first melting. Still winter, though.Day 62 - Winter is over, 4 sections of day, 8 dusk, 4 night. Weird configurationDay 71 - 10 day, 4 dusk, 2 nightDay 72 - Winter, 3 sections of day, 8 of dusk and 5 of night --____--Update: it's bug.
  13. Hi all!I've made music to fit in Don't StarveI would love to know how you guys like it.This preview will fit the intro screen / Main menu this preview will fit if your character goes Insane would love to have music and atmospheres like this in this game. And am willing to make them as a big fan!
  14. No, not how many will appear but how many have you killed yet? :Pi killed like 2, 1 with beefaloes, and one with melee (tentacle spike ) (3 boomerangs) (and 4 fire darts)(no challenges, hardcore for me is playing withoutbackuping saves [do some of you guys actually backup your files?{if you do then don't lie about it, very deep inside your heart you know you are a ***** }])SCREENSHOTS i thought that the game was going to be so hard after the update that it would stop being fun to play,i was WRONG, it is not THAT hard, and its still fun, hounds now are *****es, but still easy to kill if you prepare before they comePS: a day after i killed the second one winter ended
  15. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73701 Issue title Examining winterometer prevents sleep Steps to reproduce 1. Right-click straw roll to go to sleep. 2. Examine the Winterometer. 3. Sleeping does not take place. Describe your issue Examining the winterometer while entering a straw roll prevents you from sleeping through the night. 1. In the evening, right-click your straw roll to use it. Your character will pull out the straw roll from their inventory and start doing the "going to sleep" animation as usual. 2. Examine the Winterometer. 3. You will continue the "going to sleep" animation, but it just continues to get darker, like you're still awake. My character eventually "woke up" (after the darkness had swallowed me, and it was well into the night) and I could move around in the dark as if I had never gone to sleep.
  16. Don't really expect any as screwy as the file system is for Chrome, but thought I'd ask.
  17. The Deerclops utterly ravaged half of his base before he killed it, and using fire darts meant everything got burnt down. I don't think it needs a nerf. He didn't take much damage to his health, but how many other monsters actually destroy your base? None. This is a monster that can permanently mess you up even if you survive the fight, and even if you're well-established.
  18. something about "a winter's tale" tells me that she will never freeze to death, i mean, they killed her with BEES!!!! BEES I TELL YOU, i don't think anyone has ever died because of the bees(yes, even red ones), unless they are on their first day ever, i mean they are the weakest neutral mob in the game
  19. What happens if they cut it off before day 30? The last one didnt last nearly that long...
  20. First I would like to thank the Devs for updating the game. It's the thought that counts. Sanity is rather interesting and made it slightly more realistic but it made the game a lot less fun. Instead of modifying a major gameplay aspect, the game is still starved of real content. Although much less fun, the Devs need to make the grind of adding more content similar to what we have. More monsters, biomes, tools, weapons, traps, resource nodes, maybe even small "dungeons". Some examples would be obsidian, working similar to flint but stronger; fruit trees that drop fruit; a desert biome with cacti or buzzards; iron ore for making some things like science machines or a certain type of tool, or possibly weapons. As far as I can tell I permanently screwed up the poll so post whether you support: [*]Staying Insane [*]Keeping Sanity but getting more updates similar to what I suggested. [*]Getting rid of Insanity.
  21. Since Winter is supposedly the next big update, I was thinking that it would be really cool if there was some way to domesticate some hounds, and build yourself a sleigh for fast travel during the winter.I think this would be a really cool mechanic, considering there is nothing in the game that you can build to make exploring easier, and it fits the theme of the season, and the game. All the details of how this can work can be left to the devs, but it could require feeding the hounds regularly, it could take damage from mobs, could require 2 or 4 hounds to pull.What does everyone else think?
  22. I stopped reading 50 shades of grey to read this thread...and I am not dissapoint... if you know what I mean!
  23. Should I stop?

    I'm nearing 100 days and I feel its time to suicide. Not that I'm getting bored or anything its just I want to try the other characters too, and I haven't change my map since I bought the game. Should I hold out a little longer or what? Thanks for the replies.
  24. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform ChromeVersion Number 70828 Issue title Save files disappears Steps to reproduce 1)Save game and quit 2)Close Browser 3)Log back in after few days 4)Game resets/save files are gone Describe your issue Playing "Don't Starve" on the chrome; I returned after (rl) several days. I'm sure that I logged in with the correct ID. I pressed "Play", expecting to find the "Continue" button, but then I am greeted by the character roster with only Wilson available. I'm also playing on a Mac so I cannot play the steam version either. I am so sad.