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I'm crying..


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Decided to take a break from playing the game, after coming back, the save file memories are lost.

Lesson learned, don't play on chrome.

Want a hug? The pain you feel must feel like having a dog piss on you. Atleast you died in time for the upcoming update in 4-3 days.

- - - Updated - - -

Have a restart play my sirmentlegen challenge run


-only eat meat.

Fix: -only eat meat gained by killing pig men.

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Learned that there's no Mac Steam version for Don't Starve.

I'm gonna cut myself to sleep.

There's plans for a Mac version of the Steam client in the future, but we may not see it until post-launch. (Maybe a Linux version will pop up too, but that's up to the developers to decide on. I know I have some friends that would appreciate a Linux client.)

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