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  1. Underground Puzzle

    We might be getting Aliens in this game... because in the picture at the very bottom it says something about Alien officers
  2. Summer?

    Hi, so i made a custom sandbox and noticed that you can make summer longer and shorter.Is summer Day time or is it going to be implemented into the next or so updates?
  3. So I logged back into the forums and saw the new Update. Went to Don't starve and it still says that the "Update is Imminent!"I live in Australia.EDIT: Fixed it, just had to restart steam
  4. Spoiled Rotten (Jan 15 Update)

    1. I am not Wilson, I am Wendy. 2. I'm not a scientist, just a little girl. and 3. Make me ;P
  5. Spoiled Rotten (Jan 15 Update)

    About the Food Spoilage, if its nearly spoiled, what happens if you cook it? As in cook a nearly-spoiled carrot? Will it not become spoiled anymore?
  6. The Teaser!

    Chester reminds me of the deerclops in that one thread...I mean with the horns... IDDK
  7. Holy **** deerclops?

    Uh yeahh....because of the update.
  8. The Teaser!

    It really does?!
  9. The Teaser!

    Really curious to what the Eye bone does
  10. Holy **** deerclops?

    ._. Sorry, just got a bit excited. Yep, checked it, Jackalopes do have horns... SORRY FOR YOUR INCONVIENCE
  11. Holy **** deerclops?

    Wait nvm... god im such an idiot
  12. OMGGGG GUYS!! I think I might of found out what the Deerclops might look like!! Heres the photo: I first thought that it was just a rabbit but then I checked it over many times and came to a conclusion that this might be a Deerclops! I feel like they're trying to tell us something.. Or, it could be a mutated rabbit.
  13. Awesome Maxwell Bug.

    Whats the other ways? I'm just curious.