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  1. Hi, so i made a custom sandbox and noticed that you can make summer longer and shorter.Is summer Day time or is it going to be implemented into the next or so updates?
  2. So I logged back into the forums and saw the new Update. Went to Don't starve and it still says that the "Update is Imminent!"I live in Australia.EDIT: Fixed it, just had to restart steam
  3. 1. I am not Wilson, I am Wendy. 2. I'm not a scientist, just a little girl. and 3. Make me ;P
  4. About the Food Spoilage, if its nearly spoiled, what happens if you cook it? As in cook a nearly-spoiled carrot? Will it not become spoiled anymore?
  5. Chester reminds me of the deerclops in that one thread...I mean with the horns... IDDK
  6. Really curious to what the Eye bone does
  7. ._. Sorry, just got a bit excited. Yep, checked it, Jackalopes do have horns... SORRY FOR YOUR INCONVIENCE
  8. OMGGGG GUYS!! I think I might of found out what the Deerclops might look like!! Heres the photo: I first thought that it was just a rabbit but then I checked it over many times and came to a conclusion that this might be a Deerclops! I feel like they're trying to tell us something.. Or, it could be a mutated rabbit.