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I present to you all for your viewing pleasure the Starcaller build.  This is a cave build I came up with after the Starcaller staff buff.  After the recent update the Starcaller staff was altered to "Starcaller star counts as a natural source of light, and is significantly improved."  I checked out what this meant and found it provides light for over 3 days.  With the 20 uses the staff has this provides over 60 days of light.  And since it provides natural light it will keep your farms from wilting in the caves. 


So with all that in mind I came up with a base build that revolves completely around using the star as your only source for light heat and cooking.  It is quite effective and very fun.  Here is my layout if you all wish to give it a shot or just admire it for its awesomeness XP .  Also a screenshot is provided for how it looks in game.  Feel free to alter this in any way and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Enjoy. 



49 grass         Farm Farm Farm Farm               49 twigs

                       Farm Farm Farm Farm

Farm Farm Farm       Birdcage                 Farm Farm Farm

Farm Farm Farm                                      Farm Farm Farm


Tent                          Dwarf Star                         Chests                10


Alchemy Engine     Cooking Station       Shadow Manipulator   Bushes

                           (4 crockpots 1 fridge)


                               30 Drying Racks



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