Rare weapons and materials

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There should be some special materials in the game that are very difficult to find, and exist in very limited supply that allow you to craft unique weapons (or other things).

Example material: Really Ugly Rock (spawns with very low probability in place of normal rock OR exists in a few specific locations on the map)

Really Ugly Rock + Log + Rope = The Ugly Stick

The Ugly Stick - on hit, transforms target into something horrifically ugly!

I think there should be random things like this to spice up the game after the map has been explored fully. Also, in this case, if you happened upon the Really Ugly Rock early, it'd be easy to make The Ugly Stick, which could be a decent weapon (depending on what it turned the target into, it may actually be detrimental).

Also, hi. I'm new.

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Same here. Even if you just had two or three legendary items to build though, I think it could provide a greater sense of challenge (say the materials you need to make them are guarded by some hard to kill monster, or at the end of a maze), while also providing some amusement after finally crafting them. I would love to see what would happen, for example, if you could turn a pigman into a human. Or maybe resurrect creatures that you kill to form an undead army. :) Anyone have any other fun ideas for potential legendary materials/items?

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the things i was thinking were those you have listed, i have also found a ball and rope toy thing, also the mandrake are hard to find, they kind of look like carrots. But they have more or a green grass and they do a little dying dance and scream. I ate one and my health and hunger filled completely. These i do believe to defiantly be rare items. Also i dont know if you have found this but beware when digging up graves some times a ghost will be in them and they kill you in 2 hits. Was not happy when this happened.

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Yeah, I'm thinking about items that allow you to do really unique and unusual things (like transforming a beefalo into a tree or something), and that don't break or become unusable (the idea would be you can only make/obtain one, but you only need one). Food that restores all of your health and hunger is great, but you can get the same effect with normal food. I don't consider that especially legendary, just convenient. By the time you explore the whole map and research everything, you can pretty much get all the food and other stuff you would need. There should be something to keep it interesting at that point.Here's another interesting idea. There could be an ultra powerful ghost (one hit kill powerful) somewhere that is difficult to get to who gives you a legendary item. In return, you must bring him a sacrifice every 5 days or he'll steal all of your knowledge (research) and items. If you somehow managed to kill him, then you wouldn't need any more sacrifices. Now it's beginning to sound like a quest structure.

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