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  1. I know there was a post about Monkeymen already. If possible I would like to see the kingdom of the Bunnymen developed.What do you all think?
  2. I have several places where it looks like the water on the island may be getting replaced by land.Is this happening to anyone else? Patches of land are encroaching on the water. Maybe you can see what I am talking about in the attached picture.
  3. Water to land?

    yes. there are nearby roads. So are you saying if roads are nearby it will happen from the beginning? Or are you saying that the roads will grow over the water over time?
  4. Game Consistency?

    This might be a good place to collect all those little quirks that develop over time.One that I noticed which may be an issue is examining a tent. When Wilson examines a tent he says, " I can go to see in there to regain my health." Based on the current build this isn't true.
  5. Game Consistency?

    Character says. Time to build a fire even if there is a torch or fire already burning when night falls.When Wilson enters the tent his face appears on the map in the place where he entered the tent. This would be okay if you could go back to the place to change back into your original character at that place otherwise it seems like a minor issue.
  6. Water to land?

    here is shot 2. this shows how close or not close the spot is to connecting islands.
  7. Water to land?

    here is shot 1. this shows the place where I thought the water hole was bigger.
  8. Water to land?

    It isn't. This is closer inland than that. Maybe my build isn't exactly the same. I do know that there was a space with a rock near the edge. When I broke the rock in the past flint would land on the water and I couldn't reach it. Haven't broken that rock this time around but I think the land is growing so I will be able to reach it.
  9. Exp

    I would like to be able to cash in on my experience without dying. Is there a way to do this?Maybe have a routine that runs related to the tent? (Someone else mentioned an exploit so maybe not such a good idea.) At any rate if I can accumulate EXP in the game then I can unlock characters in the same run.What do others think?
  10. Can you give a hint as to character development? I see new characters that can potentially be unlocked (beyond W & W). Can you say anything about character powers and if they are under development or already released? No specifics. I just want to know how to invest my time with Wendy and Willow.
  11. i thought I had found some "rare items" from the grave already.Here are some items I foundRocketmismatch buttonsfrazzled wires?(amulet) I had found this beforeSo are you all talking about more rare items?
  12. Beta Feedback Roundup

    I like the game so far. Great job! I have a few suggestions which have been mentioned by some in various places.Tame Beefalo with grassability to make boats and travel via seaFeed fireflies to spiders / tame spidersAbility to use animals to collect various items auto equip ability for next item (just an icon to indicate what to put in your hand once an armor or hand item is used up)thief character that takes items left on the ground/have animals eat grass, seeds, pigs take wood flint (I really don't need to use the chest because things just sit there forever)