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  1. I tried looking for him but couldnt find him but thats ok, i died i had a meat effigy and when I responded a new pigman did too
  2. I have built a pig house at my camp and i had befriended him. I went out from camp one day and of course he came with me, it hit dusk and i was running back to camp to make a fire my pigman fell behind and so didnt come back to camp because they dont go anywhere once it starts to get dark. In losing him because i had killed/lost other pigmen because they got killed by spiders or something before i thought/knew in a few days 1-2 tops a new pigman would come out of the house it has been 10-15 days now its hard to keep track when you get so into the game. But anyways it has been quite awhile since i lost him because he fell behind and a new pigman has NOT come out of the pig house. I think this might be because he was not killed but got lost and fell behind but either way I would like a new pig to come out of the house because i use him for poops for my farms and meat every now and then if I'm getting low. So i have no pig man at camp and i dont really know why, if you do not find your pigman in like 2-3 days I would think maybe a new one would come out of the house.Thanks Keirra
  3. no i had not died, but i just tried again and it is fine, i hadnt tried after that for awhile because i was scared to lose my data. but yes it is fixxed
  4. lol i like the ghost idea, but what do you think this legendary item should do?
  5. ok, i can understand the ghost thing but yea the tentacles were really tough i had 100% armor on and i was killed in 2 shots with all health damage no armor damage
  6. really? I will have to do this ... if i find them again lol. Any ideas as to where you can find them usually?
  7. the things i was thinking were those you have listed, i have also found a ball and rope toy thing, also the mandrake are hard to find, they kind of look like carrots. But they have more or a green grass and they do a little dying dance and scream. I ate one and my health and hunger filled completely. These i do believe to defiantly be rare items. Also i dont know if you have found this but beware when digging up graves some times a ghost will be in them and they kill you in 2 hits. Was not happy when this happened.
  8. I am not clicking restart, i click go to menu and then yes i said quit and it takes me to a new game instead of to the menu
  9. I was playing today (spent my whole day at it) and I discovered a few things I dont know if they are bugs or not but I do know that I wish it was differentTent, I know you changed it so you can change your character but I also like knowing that if i get hurt I can go to it to heal myselfTentacles, This is what killed me more then once today and really frustrated me. They attack and damage through the log suite. This is suppose to be armor so it goes first then my health, they attack right to my health and dont do any damage to the armor and they take 2 hits to kill you. I think it would be better to make them take at least 3-4 hits to kill you so you have a chance to get out of there before you are killed.Ghost, Also damage through armor, and take 2 hits with no time to run awayThanks Keirra
  10. "rare" items are grave items = 20 points in science machine and mandrake = full health and hunger recovery
  11. While playing I hit escape to quit to the main menu. When I clicked on the button that says "I said quit!" instead of going to the main menu it started a new game and seemingly I lost all my data. I closed the browser and reloaded the game and clicked "Continue". The game reloaded into where I last saved instead of starting a new game.
  12. UPDATE: I just tried running google-chrome --ignore-gpu-blacklist. The game loads and runs with one exception: 2 FPS! Methinks this is a hardware issue rather than a software issue.
  13. I'm using Ubuntu as well. When I run Chrome in a terminal I get this output when Don't Starve attempts to load/run[sRPC:HOST:34,2989426816:11:33:31.947333] NaClSrpcRpcWait(channel=0xb8b9ed08): EOF is received instead of response. Probably, the other side (usually, nacl module or browser plugin) crashed.It sounds like a WebGL issue with Linux. This may be out of the devs' hands.
  14. I'm having the same problem. I always get "Error: Module load error: undefined" when I try to load the game. It happens everytime the bar reaches the end when loading I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 and Chrome 21.0.1180.89.