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How I Survive (My Wilson Story)

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Ugh. Maxwell. Don't get me started. He's left me here to die and right now, I only live to spite him.

My first couple of days were easy enough, like the camping trips father insisted we go on every summer. But I knew I couldn't live like that forever so I dug in my heels and got to researching everything I could find of this place.

First off, I never go anywhere without protection. I could make a backpack easily to carry more around but I prefer the safety that a good logsuit provides against all the things that seem to want me dead around here. I've put together a makeshift residence in which to keep my things for long term storage so carting around unneeded equipment would be just silly.

I also have found a way to make myself less vulnerable to the ravages of an untimely demise by the creation of effigies and some mysticism involving an amulet, though I prefer not to rely on such unscientific foolishness.

The giant spiders are a particularly foul beastie I have noted and I have been careful to remove nests while they remain small and weak from any areas in which I frequent. I shall leave them to the barren rocky plains which I have already stripped of any needed resources. While I do require silk from time to time, I have discovered that camping near to a single nest at night allows me to destroy the creatures much more safely (and without attracting those nasty jumping variety) than an all out assault in daylight.

I have a few farms about my residence, which I keep supplied with fertilizer via some yak-like creatures roaming off in distant grassy plains. I take a trip every couple of weeks now to gather what I need, camping out so that I may take the opportunity to also shave a few of the beasts for their wool before returning home again.

I have created a home for some bees I located as well so that I may have honey for my tea, and even planted a lovely little flower garden about them. Truly, this may have not been such a terrible thing. There's no one to interrupt my research anymore. Perhaps Maxwell has done me a favor.

It is a bit lonely at times, and the pig-men which inhabit this realm are not exactly much for conversation. So, I have taken a pet or two. A little redbird which lives in a cage, and an egg I hatched after a rather fierce battle with a rather tall, one-eyed bird. Having imprinted on me, the little thing follows me everywhere and is as fine as any hunting dog I have seen.

... to be continued?

I know people have talked about self-imposed rules and whatnot. I don't tend to move grass, saplings, or berry bushes. After seeing a post about it, I started using a smallbird to hunt with to save on silk because spiders are probably the #1 thing that kills me. Currently about to break my 50 day record, have a couple of effigies so feeling pretty good that I'll make it maybe even to the triple digit mark. (^_^)

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My WolfGang Story

Awakend with a head-splitting headache by the callings of a quite starkishly thin fellow. Angered by the fact that he has left me alone and confused I claw at the land, tearing and shredding, sapling and bush along with the occassional grass. I search for my home among those i can relate. The cycle of the sun completes it's turn revealing the dangers which come with the moon, so i settle for the night, starting a flame to keep away the creature which lurks in the dark, its growl is wreching but the flame keeps it away. The sun comes up and i keep on the path to find my home.

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