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What's with people wanting to live 100+ days??

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I mean seriously... people are suggesting meat effigies for every character and making multiple lives an easy convenient. This is not what this game is intended to be guys; You are ment to die!

Many responses the devs are getting are from people having a super base at day 100+... We are missing the "starting over" aspect of this game a lot this way! Shouldn't this be a core aspect of the game? :confused:

There should be an instant death at day 100 or something preventing the player to build up an empire of effigies... And allowing them to start over again; give them a bit of a push

Now die already and start over...

nuff said

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I'm day 420+ just waiting for the updates (like chars or a better map gen) that worth my suicide.

In game I travel around the map killing queens and tentacles. Farm a little. Recently I got the Krampus bag that took almost 40 days.

Why I need to die ? Don't need all this hate D:

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You dear sir,send me your picture of save,Now.

Also,i think they should make huge army of demons come at you at day 100.They would lit everything and what couldnt be lit ,they would destroy by just walking over it.¨

And dealing wilson 99 Damage,plus some damage as splash,wich turns all nearby pigs to cooked meat.

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