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[character mod] Strom the Tree

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Mobbstar    14123

Hello, I am Mobbstar. The artist Papukaijah and I want to introduce you to a friend usually called...


Strom the Tree


"I am just a tree."


Strom is a happy lil' guy. He likes his brethren a lot.



What that blue thing is, you ask? Well, Strom has a friend. This is Lampy, a big firefly that follows Strom. The fellow makes light so Strom is safe at night. Lampy also produces healthy and delicious fertilizer.



Strom isn't very hungry for physical food, so he gives some to Lampy. When Lampy is fed, his light gets stronger. That way Strom can tell Lampy to wait when danger is ahead.



Just like every other tree, Strom does not appreciate the chopping of healthy trees. He understands that some things must be done, but it still wrenches his heart to wield an axe.



Strom has nightmares of fire. He's ticklish, but flames do bad things to trees and turn them to charcoal.



Strom needs help to survive in Maxwell's evil world. Join him on his quest to survive and his duty to keep the forest safe!


[Download Now]



Character originally designed by Papukaijah

Art by Papukaijah

Code by Mobbstar

Pet designed mostly by Mobbstar and a bit by Papukaijah

Played and rated as awesome by You

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