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Found 12 results

  1. Mandrake Tree [DST]

    Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : The mandrake king! Spawn babies and attract fireflies! Gather all the resources to craft the mandrake king! The mysterious tree will spawn mandrakes around him. Legend says it attract fireflies, how can it be? He even glows at night, which makes him a very strange tree among the others. Configure your options and you're ready to go! ***The Crafting Tab will be under your Farm Tab!*** This mod was made by Mahdwolfe.
  2. Ask the Tree!

    ~ Ask the Tree ~ In this Thread, you can ask me any questions you like. Whether its just plain stupid, or serious, Any questions will be answered by Me. ╱╲ ╱•⌓•╲ ⎺▆▆⎺ .
  3. A banner made for people like me,who HATE treeguards! Anyone can use this banner for free! (Aslong as you credit me,something like "Banner by Munixical" in your signature )
  4. The video says it all Also you can put your reactions here
  5. Sorry if this is something that was obvious to everyone, but I've tried shift, option, control, etc. to "build" or "plant" a tree or wall, but every time I put it down it just drops the pinecone or hay stack onto the ground :(How do you do this now? It was different before and now im confused haha
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Trees got cut marks Steps to reproduce All trees spawn with it. Describe your issue I just noticed now that trees got small cut markings between the main part of the tree and the trunk. And once you notice it it can't be unseen, and it is bugging the crap out of me right now. It looks like the tree is just sitting on top of the trunk, It is driving me insane. I will post screenshot when i figure out how to do that.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform SteamVersion Number 70828 Issue title Left side bar wont stay collapsed Steps to reproduce I cant reproduce it on command, it happens randomly during game play. Describe your issue The left side bar (craft-able categories) wont stay collapsed and automatically expands to the second column (craft-able items) and even to the third column (item "build" screen) which when expanded takes up half of the screen. I cant get it to do it on command and doesn't happen for a couple minutes into a game play. I can get the "glitch" to stop periodically by "quit saving" and then reopening the world but it starts back up within a couple minutes (about 2 days in game, but not exact).
  8. I spend about 10 days (in game) planning this and putting it all together. When I went to execute it I got into a little snag and had to delay it by a day to work it out. But my goal was just to cut down lots of trees and beat the crap out of the tree guards. The video would have been longer, but because of my small snag, it kinda messed that up for me. Sorry that the video has some lag to it. I need to get a new machine again.
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70399 Issue title Keys not sent. Purchased via humble site. Steps to reproduce Purchased game using humble site and amazon payments. Describe your issue I know this isn't technically a bug but I do need assistance and this is the only way to request it. I need you guys to resend those keys to [Poof!]. I just purchased the game via the humble site using amazon. No keys were mailed.
  10. hello I was just playing today, a treeguard appeared and it killed me I couldnt do anything, I had log armor on, I tried cutting it down like a normal tree as stupid as that may have been, I tried killing it with a spear, I lit it on fire, I even ran away all day seeing if it would go away eventually though it killed me at night time because i couldnt refuel my fire...what is a good way to survive when you come against one of them
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70388 Issue title static bee collision Steps to reproduce have a fully populated pair of bee boxes next to a patch of roughly 3 flowers Describe your issue the bees leave the hives in the morning then head to the flowers, they then get stuck on each other while trying to access the flower and remain like this until dusk when they head back to the box. This requires some luck for it to occur
  12. Argh + Suggestion 3 days in, I get jumped by a Giant Ambulatory Tree, proceed to run around screaming. I decide to stop being a Big Girl's Blouse and get my poking-stick out, at which point it hits me and removes all my health in one go. Is it possible that certain creatures could only begin to be spawned when you have a level of tech which would allow you to survive, please? Or am I meant to run around in circles* until morning comes for that one? Many thanks, Wilson-the-dead *I didn't have a torch on me so haven't tried burning it. Will try that...and y'know, remember to wear my wooden armour at night.