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While Im sure there has been plenty of topics about this, I just wanted to know if you guys would like it if you could harvest silk from nests using a razor.Also, any plants that arent trees harvested using a razor will give back a larger amount of drops rather than one. Maybe two. or three.About the spider thing, harvest nest, get drops, and plenty of angry spiders.Whaddaya say~?

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I think this could be a good idea, also adding my 2 cents to this for a challenge, rather than having all the spiders pop out when the nest is harvested, but have it a challenge, where it takes more time to use the razor with clicking, like woodcutting, and the more the nest is carved up with the razor, more spiders pop out (kind of like each second the nest is cut up, a spider pops out and you have to either dispatch of the popping out spiders or kite shave) till there's hardly anything left or forcing the nest to regrow or destroying rest of the nest completely with a hammer or burning whats left, or for another option, if the last of the nest is harvested, the the rest of the hidden spiders that were once inside are revealed and you have the rest of the hoard chasing you around.

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