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  1. Yea, I have not found tall birds since my first world.
  2. Most Epic: I went to attack a level 3 spider nest and well, the war was quite fun. Stupidest: Attacked a beefalo, all is explained. Best: Made my first crock pot, so helpful!
  3. Happy new year to all! 30 minutes for me.
  4. My favorite thing that drew me to this game is the art style. Its very good looking and it reminds me of a movie I personally like.
  5. You obviously have not watched Leroy Jenkins. I have learned a lot from that video.
  6. Forget all of that. I am just going to stick with hiding in my campfire and bringing my backpack with me at all times. And also, I will never touch an enemy again. I have learned some pretty harsh ways to avoid them.
  7. Didn't read the rest of it! Anyway, I had no idea that it did that might bad.
  8. Forget that. If you honestly believe that this should be implemented, go outside and eat a pinecone. Then come back in and tell us how you feel.
  9. Have the same problem. Pretty sure it will end up being fixed in the future.
  10. Died at day 17. Attempted to kill some beefalo. All is explained.