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  1. The new stuff that comes out in each update is literally new to everyone, to both veteran players and newbies alike. I'm not saying I agree with the concept of new players shouldn't experience the new thing, nor am I saying veterans should get dibs first because they've been here longer, its just the attitude he went about it made it seem so horrible. If by his logic that new people shouldn't experience the game, we all wouldn't be able to play because we were all new to the game a one point right? It would just be the devs toying around with the game in an office with no feedback from outside ears and eyes to see if they game could be improved or adjusted. He said he put 300+ hours into the game, so he deems himself one who knows the game well enough to discard himself from the newbies, which is cool by all means, but if he wants to act like he's been around long enough to know and play the game, he should know by now, things take time, and I can guarantee, some other veteran players who probably have been here longer than the 3 of us combined haven't received a key yet either. I see sooo much frustration with the game, and a lot of it seems to be either at game play adjustments the devs make, and waiting. The point I'm trying to make is I highly doubt its the devs goal to make avid fans of DS as a whole feel left out or upset; things take time, and its always the good stuff, that takes the longest, and it seems like those who want it most feel like they wait the longest. Just have to find a better way to occupy time so the wait doesn't seem as tediously, painstakingly long. It's what I did anyways, and it worked for me
  2. I understand the plight of frustration of not being able to play DST when others have access, I really do; its frustrating to feel like your being forced to stand back and watch everyone else have fun with a game you love to play, it's not fun, and it kind of sucks. However, I'm not a fan of how the dude went about his anger about it all. I get patience is something we have in spades, sometimes we have a lot of it, sometimes 'ain't nobody got time for that'. Did he realize the number of people who signed up for beta keys for DST? Some people I heard signed up hot seconds after the word got out, and at one point for me, the sign up page was down because of the number of people who smashed in to sign up for keys. But to decide to up and quit it all because of a lack of patience? Honestly? He isn't alone, there are still tons of people without the DST keys, and if he only pays attention to the jerks that brag about having a key and not looking toward others whom are humbled to have a key, or at least to the others whom are waiting ever-so severely patient for either a key or for the DST to come out, he's in the wrong side of the internet. In all honesty, I really hope the person does come back, and doesn't quit it all. DS is a really fun game, even if we have to wait a while to play it, and to play it with friends is what makes the game more entertaining. I'm hoping he comes back, with a better attitude, maybe do something else to take his mind off of DST frustration and maybe when DST comes out for him he will be happier, but if he's going to be a rude dude and storm of forever like a child over a lack of patience, we don't need that kind of negative riffraff in these lovely forums.
  3. I can hardly wait to get a key, I've been wanting to play this game with my boyfriend for what feels like ages!
  4. I like the single player style of the game, however, I am curious about multiplayer aspect, some of my friends who also have the game were more hyped about the news than I was when I told them about it, and demanded I play with them, hah!
  5. IMO, things should still grow in the winter season, just at a ridiculously slow rate. Realistically, some things still are alive in the winter, just frost bitten and whatnot, but still if you want to put realism in game, some things should still be growing, just at a ridiculously slow rate, if its put like this.
  6. A lot of people will complain, some may praise, some even may remain neutral. This is kind of a given with any types of updates to a game. On my behalf, when I give an opinion, its more as constructive feedback based on my experience, as well as some minor opinion thoughts, then again, it's all considered feedback from everyone's experiences when they play with updates. Others may also be venting out their frustrations when they give their opinion. Klei may not be able to please everyone at the moment, however, for those who find it too easy, should try playing as the mime for now, I hear he is quite a challenge to manage! What I normally do, is wait a week, maybe week and a half or some cases 2 weeks after an update comes in to bypass wading through bugs glitches and other assorted changes, however this time I could hardly wait to see the winter update with MacTusk N' Son because it looked soo cool, (haven't run into them yet because I've been so preoccupied with trying to bulk up on food that spoils faster, all that other jazz I noted earlier) because its usually in the first week or so that bug fixes are always needed to be done first for flowing gameplay.Almost always with a game update, a bugs/glitches appears somewhere, as well as hotfixes too, I see it in other popular games that are still updating (Minecraft, WOW, LOL, exc...) maybe in a bit of time after all the bug fixes are fixed there will be some time to leveling out some problems people are having with the latest update? Afterall, it hasn't even been a full week yet, there's still time for Klei to tinker about with things and make adjustments to the gameplay, it seems like the game is ever growing. If people want to ventilate their experiences, let them and point no fingers at who is doing what wrong, I'm sure Klei values some of the feedback others give when they play with the updates, but yeah for now, it's still a fresh update, always room for adjustments later on after bugs have been fixed.
  7. Remember, this is in the general discussion and people are giving their opinions based on their experiences. Not everyone "Cries about it". Some like all of the updates, some not so much. As I noted before, the game will probably have more changes, and for now, people will talk about what they experience as of the moment it happens.Pretty sure most of us keeping tabs on the game would appreciate if for the future the game implemented a difficulty option, either a set amount of difficulties, or perhaps one possibly customizeble, but I'd recommend the customization would depend on the difficulty, no need for someone to pick a hard difficulty mode and customize it so there are near no challenges, cheap way to say they "have it easy in hard mode" ya know what I mean?
  8. I kind of want to retract and sculpt my prior opinion from before, adding something to itThe winter update is still great with the new mobs and whatnot, just I find it a bit tediously painful knowing there are more spider warriors in dens at quicker cycling tiers, AND weapons do less damage. Seems a bit of a pain to want to try and collect silk knowing my weapons don't do as much damange- and I'm not even using any of the latest, I go challenge for a spear use. Try going for a controlled burn to an area, collecting the coal, and replanting where the terrain were open AND remove all the spiders laying about from their once planted den homes. To me, its not fun anymore when mobs are stronger and faster, or should I say that weapons do less damage and they are stronger, and that food helps less and less. I get the element of making food a challenge to find and it shouldn't be relied on too heavily, but when it helps less and spoils faster, it feels like I'm going to end up starving before I can manage to cook enough, either from crock pot or campfire, to have a decent amount of hunger, health, and sanity.It just feels unbalanced if the mobs are stronger and we become more weaker because food helps less and less, and weapons/defenses become crappier. I don't mind the elements or mobs being more or a challenge, but I still want the food and weapon/defense aspect to be un nerfed. There's a difference between a challenge of taking longer to get things done while surviving and being completely screwed because mobs are OP and we don't have much to help ourselves stabilize. If the food/weapons/defenses were un nerfed/untuned I'd be okay, but I feel like no matter what other strategy I pick or create to either fight, or even try to run away and try and make enough food to get my hunger,HP, and sanity to at least halfway I'm going to end up dead again and again because it feels like its not enough, even with a turbo farm or two and a beebox. Things seem to end up spoiling before I can manage to get enough together to bring HP,Hunger, sanity up to par.To me, looking at this angle regarding food helping less and spoiling sooner, it gives the definition to "Don't Starve" and feeling like I can't get enough food before it spoils to survive makes me want to not play the game, and believe me, I used to love playing this game, I'd spend quite a sum of hours playing, my record is 147.1 hours, but now it feels difficult to want to play when everything seems like its not good enough to survive. I'd rather not spend my hours on this game simply running around trying to collect enough food without it all spoiling and avoid all mobs at all costs; I don't mind going for a collection run every now and again, just not on a constant daily basis and thats how I feel its become :LI'm just glad I was able to completely explore my map before the update, I love mapping out the world I find in exploration; and I take my sweet time when it comes to exploration, I would have been more irritated to not be able to wander and explore after update; I'd either end up a seed and morsel hoarder, and there's no need to depend like that on a game.Simple suggestion if mods don't want to have to constantly tweek these things, put 'em in an optional difficulty setting, "normal, Medium, hard, & extreme". Skip easy, nothing in life comes easy, maybe lucky, but not easy. Take these extra spider warriors in first tier from the update and put them in hard; for further kicks, an all warrior spider den for extreme- HAH! How bout that part for the extremist Don't Starve Fans, I'm sure they will giggle at that notion. It's not considered normal, even in survival means, for food to spoil so quickly, even with an icebox, or weapons to be of weaker uses against mobs. I like a challenge in the games I play, however, I do not like when they become too much of a problem to want to deal with and become too OPSide note: is it just me or is wearing a top hat not helping raise sanity at night and day? Even next to a campfire, niente.
  9. I'm a bit confused on why it now takes a mandrake to create a panflute. I get the whole "magical sleep" thing someone noted earlier, but I would see more of a mandrake to be used to make like, a hound whistle to make the hounds run away or be controlled or something based on the abilities of the mandrakes scream rather than making one sleep.As far as "Charlie" I had no idea it was sometimes a nickname for the Grue.I just hope with the winter hat and winter vest combination I will survive the whole winter, I noticed in the update video with both of those on Wilson and other characters they still seemed to take freeze damage.However, I love the Mactusk & son addition, looks awesome!I'm sure there will be some more tweaks later on, but so far this winter update looks pretty intriguing all in all.
  10. Hmm... odd then. I was able to manage 2-3 effigies with a solid 99 health for a while, for a few out-of-game days. I might have missed this HP cost regarding meat effigies till now?. Edit: I kind of did a test on this: I made an extra meat effigy, my game kind of lagged out, watching William walk around in a twitchy fashion, destroyed said meat effigy, then ate a Hot Pumpkin and some HP finally restored.Perhaps it was sheer luck I was able to walk around for a few extra days in near perfect health with a few meat effigies lying about? Either way, for now, the issue seems to be settled. Hoping it doesn't pop up again, but if it does, I'll find this thread, or another if someone else has this issue, and notify again.
  11. I've had meat effigies before, and my HP was at a solid 99, the last I can recall? And yeah, I'm updated to the latest I believe, unless I missed something?
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Health Not Restoring Steps to reproduce Consuming food to replenish health, everything but health meter replenishes. Describe your issue -If this has already been posted about, please move it to that post, I tried looking around for a while on the bug tracker threads for something like this issue but didn't find any threads about it.- Bit of a problem here, the health doesn't seem to replenish when consuming foods. I've tried cooked, non cooked, even recipe items that are known to replenish some health, such as meatballs and honey nuggets and nothing seems to be able get HP back. The hunger and Insanity portions are fine when it comes to restoration with food, however when regarding HP, nothing is regained. Last thing I recall, I was using the boomerang, or testing it out to see how it faired, then switched to the old spear to do things since I couldn't get the hang of not getting hurt at the boomerangs return, ate a few cooked monster meat (in moderation of course while wearing a top hat so my sanity would slowly replenish and not diminish to nothing; I even tossed some extra monster meat away to stop losing HP and everything was dandy for a while, until recently. Now I can't regain the health portion of things; I'm not sure if it's a bug with the boomerang, spear, crockpot, or campfire- I'm literally stuck at 40 HP no matter what food is consumed.
  13. The insanity update. It's a love-hate relationship for me. I love it because it provides more things to do while surviving (bites I lost my original circular beta map, but eh had to be done eventually) But I hate it because of those hallucinations, especially that creepy night Hand! And that music box sound that plays while its around, its perfect for addition of twisted intensity. Despite I hate running into those things when my sanity gets low, I love that update, plus I can always pop on a top hat to help boost a bit of sanity up.Kind of offtopic, but it's strange, I set myself up to get emails on updates from not only the game, but here on the forums as well, yet I don't get notifications, something up?
  14. HAHAHAHAHA! First thing I noticed was the bird sitting on the guys head XD I know its not the main focus, but it was literally the thing that caught my eye off the spot XD BirrrrrdMan!
  15. McMatthew, I honestly cannot see the beehives because of how small the icons are, and it hurts my eyes trying to search them out when everything looks so tiny :LPerhaps highlighting where they are in red or something along those lines?