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  1. I approve :3always felt something like this was missing
  2. I coulda sworn I read something somewhere about pigs doing something creepy this update? anybody know anything about this? or is this just me being dumb
  3. I thought for a while that shoes were a cool idea (moving faster I mean) then I realised that if you could move faster surely it would wildly upset balance and make a lot of enemies a lot easier to kite and kill they would also be a must have, early build and wouldn't really introduce much variety as you'd get so much more done everyday I think items that offer armour but make you slower are an intersting idea however
  4. if I'm ever out exploring I pack a miner's hat did you know that hounds will fall asleep at night if you keep them running for long enough? as everyone else has said you can just kite them into other animals as well
  5. my reason for cooking and eating different food is why the hell would a character like wolfgang eat a dragonpie?!? there's no meat in that? and can you really see willow sitting there farming something? without the temptation to just burn the crops down? in all seriousness food and recipes are not the most balanced things - currently they seem to serve as amusing easter eggs really :\ that moment when you create eggs and bacon for the first time and your face lights up try creating some backstory for the characters and then making them eat food based off of that I've currently got wendy living in the swamp and living off fish, frog and kebobs
  6. I'm actually currently living off bacon and eggs for breakfast, meaty stew for lunch and honeyham for dinner wolfgang needs his meat to stay so strong you see when I'm adventuring I just take a huge hamper of meat and meat based dishes thanks for the suggestions will try some of these
  7. As I play don't starve I find myself adding rules to each character based on the background I make up for them in my head, for example as wolfgang I set up camp in a rock biome to reflect his hard nature What I want to ask is do you any of you guys out there have any interesting rules or themes that you apply on playthroughs as opposed to the simple "make a base, survive, build everything, fight queens" way of playing? I'm starting to exhaust the different ways I've came up with playing through and ideas would be helpful
  8. is there any difference between playing it on steam of playing it on chrome? if there is I am unaware of it
  9. everytime I see the razer I'm reminded of an item from binding of isaac that damages you to damage enemiesidkmaybe there should be a character who can use the razer A) as a weapon or B) to harm themself
  10. I've always thought it was pretty cool how you can feed pigs stuff, especially how 4 monster meat turns them into werepigsI feel like there should be more things that the game will punish you for accidentally doing (like leaving monster meat laying around or cutting down too many trees)wouldn't it be cool if you could feed beefaloclearly beefalo are naturally suspicious of humans (you see them bristle as you near them), imagine if you could feed them grass etc to tame themand then eventually ride them (this would need something like a vest made of beefalo hair as well as the beefalo hat so you smell trustworthy!) this would A) let you travel faster B) give you a portal supply of manure and C) give you a strong ally for fights and a way to mitigate damage from yourselfback to the manure, another thought I had was that say you left monster meat around and a beefalo was to stumble upon it and eat it (not sure if they're herbivores or omnivores that just haven't had the chance :\), then the next time they produce manure, if left for long enough it should become a manure imp and if enough of them spawn they should join together to form a manure golem (the aim of this would be to add more things that can come back and bite you and more slightly fantastical monsters for epic fights - like the treeguard!)Something else I've found is that the further in you get the less impressive hound attacks are (by day 50 you just see it as a chance to gather their teeth for that dapper vest or tooth trap). I think after a given number of days hounds should be replaced by wolves (basically bigger and stronger) and maybe eventually both (as surely the game is trying to kill you)I could probably ramble on for ages about other ideas I have but I'm gonna stop now :|tl;dr: feedable beefalo you can ride, manure that turns into tiny demons, stronger version of hounds for later game
  11. aaaaaaaaand entire thread derailedback on track - damn those effigies are creepyvery king of the fliessit with a few of those in your base for long enough and it'll definitely seem like they're watching you
  12. Hi all, I'm Marcus normally when I find a forum I like I become a lurker but I'm determined not to do that this time hence the mandatory introduction so I've been playing don't starve for a while and am really enjoying it I've got from the first play through dying to EVERYTHING to the 15th or so world and am now aiming to stay alive for 365 (a daunting task, congrats to those who have so far managed) and am at day 40 (I think) does anyone know when tier 3 spider nests become queens because there are several large clusters north that haven't changed and I've not yet seen a single spider queen :\ I also haven't seen any of these treeguard that I keep hearing about how do I provoke them? Anyway good to be here and nice to meet you all